Monday, June 30, 2014

Glossybox USA July Sneak Peek!

LOOK WHATS IN THE JULY GLOSSYBOX!!! And if you use code HAIR you get a $50 bottle of nixoin hair thickener for free!

BUT SERIOUSLY!!!! GLAMGLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I really was going to cancel after my first month. Not my fault the boxes have been too awesome! I blame them)

Marc Jacobs Blue Velvet Swatched

Completely and totally digging this.

Sneek Peek of Simpsons Collection for MAC

So it looks like Pantone has some info on the new Simpsons collection for MAC. From Pantones site:

And thanks to @trendmodd1 on instagram, we have lots more info!!!

And here are some lipglass swatches:

L - Red Blazer (bright fuchsia), itchy & scratchy & sexy ( electric blue violet), R- grand pumpkin (bright creamy orange), nacho cheese explosion (bright neon line yellow)

You can follow @trendmood1 HERE!!

Julep July Secret Store


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Marc Jacobs Jungle

While I love this shade, not quite sure I understand the logic of it being a summer shade. But as someone who wears all shades throughout the year not limiting myself to wearing bright colours in summer or earthy colours in fall, I must say I am thrilled with the timing of the shade.

NYX Suede Collection Palette

Not really ever tried NYX shadows before, but I actually really like the look of this. What do you think?

A Little Shopping - At The PERFECT Time

So I ran in to the mall Friday to do a few quick errands. I had to pick something up for a wedding gift as well as drop off a pair of shoes to get repaired. And I couldn't help but pass by Club Monaco. Which means, I HAD to walk in. I am pretty sure its a law of mall shopping that certain stores (J Crew, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Anthroplogie, The Bay) are all stores that if you see you MUST go in to. 

And boy, am I proud of myself for only buying one thing! I really can not be spending money right now. Between school tuition, my brothers wedding in Toronto (5 nights of hotel, food etc, flights there and back, bridesmaid dress, gift, shoes, bag, outfits for the events surrounding it, etc), a wedding in California in two weeks, Vegas in December and so forth, my wallet seems to bleeding money. But............ The sale was too good to pass up. I have been looking for a trench coat for two years. But with size 12 hips matched with my size 6 top half....... yeah. Do you see the issue? If it fits my shoulders and chest, its NOT doing up across the hips. So when I spotted this on clearance AND an extra 40% off I figured I would give it a shot. And it actually FIT!!! I HATE that it is cream. I mean, its me we are talking about. I am a SLOB! But it was on sale for $229 less 40% making it about $150 after taxes. That was like 65% the original price. 

And then I walked in to the GAP. Another store I tend to stick my head in usually. And found this great This navy wool moto jacket on sale! It was $128 marked down to $19.98. Yes, you read that right. AND it was an additional 40% off all womens clearance (they made sure to keep telling everyone it was Womens only, and not maternity, childrens or mens) so it was $12 bucks! At that price, it would have been wrong NOT to pick it up. Fits perfectly, the navy is a nice shade of navy and the wool feels awesome!

Next up was this black three quarter sleeve houndstooth dress by Lauren By Ralph Lauren. It retailed for $159 and it was marked down to $22.98. This was at the Bay where all clearance was an additional 25% off putting it at $17.  I like the gathered waist and the cream instead of white gives it a bit of a softer and more wearable look for day to day in my opinion.

And then this Ralph by Ralph Lauren dress was on clearance at the Bay as well. I had originally bought it for $79 on sale two weeks ago (down from $129) but its down to $46 now. I am not going to bother exchanging it to save $30 (not worth the hassle) but I am still quite happy with getting it for under $80. The promo picture below also reminds me just how short I am as on me the sleeves go below the elbow and the hem goes just below the knee.

I have to say, the sales are out there! So I highly recommend hitting the mall this Canada Day weekend if you are in need of anything. I never knew that this was such a good weekend to shop, and while I am supposed to not be spending money, I think I did a great job of getting some classic pieces that really fit well and are more or less timeless. I really am the girl who has things in her closets for YEARS. I figure if you buy good quality pieces in classic cuts and styles, they really do last for ever.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Surf And Sand Collection For Bobbi Brown Summer 2014

So here is the new collection from Bobbi Brown. Nothing in it is screaming at me NEED, but I can admit that if the palettes packaging was different the neutral one might have been a need

Birthday Group Gift #2

So I am part of a birthday group. What this is a group of 12 girls (in theory, we only have 10) who each have a birthday "month". My birthday is in May, but June is my month. So every girl sends the birthday a girl a nail polish gift each month for their birthday. Meaning that each of us will get 9 gifts each month with no one in July or December. There are few requirements other than it be a $30 value before shipping and it be thoughtful! So here is my second package I have received!

A bag full of star glitter for my nails!

The birthday cake m&ms taste exactly like REGULAR m&ms for anyone who is interested. And we have well established on this board already that I LOVE REESE and what may not have been established yet is since the video of my unboxing where I try on of these Fast Breaks, that Fast Breaks are my fav of all the Reese peanut butter candy options!

And then some more China Glaze polishes! This I think completely obliterates my entire China Glaze wishlist! Better go find some more to add! And in resorting and organizing my stash I have also learned of the 65 China Glaze polishes I own, more than half are blue!

From left to right is Toe-Tally Textured, Of Course!, Queen B, Scandalous Shenanigans, Kiss My Glass and Charmed I'm Sure.

I put polishes on my wishlist very often that I saw online and have never seen in person. These were all like that. And as a wonderful surprise I freaking love all of these four! They are awesome!

These are by far the weirdest (not counting the DISGUSTING nails inc ones that I reviewed HERE) that I have ever seen. The sandy bits are more scattered and there is less of them. Its an odd look. I don't dislike them, but......... I guess I just dont know in person what I think of them yet. Weird seems the best adjective. Though again, that is not a complaint. I wanted these and am glad I got them. Just weird......

And the group shot!


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