Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Break Mystery Boxes Spoilers!

This is the 100% mystery box:

And this is the one with Elana:

And there seem to be two different mystery add ons, but I dont know which is which:

These photos were tweeted by a few people, but the original poster seems to be diaryofafashionfailure on instagram!


  1. They are originally my pics from instagram the last pic is Summer Break Major Mystery and the one before is Summer Break Mystery. Both are still available as add-ons.

    1. Did I get your instagram right? I saw the tweets and did a websearch and it seemed that diaryofafashionfailure was the first to post the pictures!

      I hope I gave you the credit, if not, can you tell me who to say took the photos?

    2. You got it right, I just wanted to clarify how I knew what they were. Shocked the crap out of me to see them when I was wondering on Facebook.

    3. Im always afraid to post instgram photos because they aren't really mine to post. But I figure, I am not on instagram ever (i upload the odd photo from my phone) and the only way I find the pictures in the first place is once they have been reposted/retweeted etc so they are already out there. At least when I post them, I am giving (or trying to give) credit to the right source!

      Glad I got it right though!



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