Monday, July 2, 2012

SoGa Soap & CupFakery Canada Day CupFake

So have you heard of a company called SoGa Soap & CupFakery? I feel like I have been living under a rock. I guess they became fairly well known a little bit ago when they were honoured with taking part in the Academy Awards (you know all the free swag all the stars get back stage? This was some of the swag they got!!). I had never heard of them. But I LOVE my baths as you all well know! I had been planning on starting a new series on the battle of the bath salts (as well as a battle of the sugar scrubs) while on a hunt for the perfect ones. 

Yesterday was Canada Day and all weekend there have been festivities all over the city. A street festival Saturday night brought me by this table. LOOK HOW FRIGGEN GORGEOUS EVERYTHING IS!!!! 

So the one item I was NOT looking for was bubble bath. I have been enjoying the Bath & Body Works items I got (not loving. enjoying). But as you all know I am obsessed with Lush. Another Canadian brand I love is actually cake brand bubble bath though that is comparing apples and oranges. So anyways, I was nto in the market for a bubble product of any kind!

BUT OMG!!! LOOK AT THE CUP FAKES!!! (yes. cup Fakes!).  These are works of art. Seriously.

While talking to the owner about my new blog series and my hunt for a bath salt and a sugar scrub I can LOVE she asked about bubble bath. She was very adamant that these were BETTER than lush. She really whole heartedly believes in her product. She GAVE me one of these lovely Canada Day CupFakes to try out. She was THAT sure I would find a new holy grail bubble product.

The box of truffles that was sent to the swag tables at the Academy Awards!

So while I did get some AMAZING smelling bath salts, I am going to start off with this lovely CupFake. Since it is legally the Canada Day holiday today I figured it was very appropriate to try it out today. A CupFake is composed of two parts. The top "icing" is bubble bath and the base is a bath bomb.  Now what I really really wish is that there was some type of SMELL-O-VISION we could somehow hook up so you could smell this. It smells like peppermint but very sweet. It reminds me to be honest of the peppermint smell common in foot products. A very nice cool, sweet peppermint!

So I started by popping the bubble bath off and running it under the water. I am not sure if I should have just put the entire bar under the water but I was curious as to how they worked on their own!

It bubbled up very nicely.

As you can see, there is a good inch or two of bubbles from the icing (I have a really really large wonderful bath so to get that much bubbles surprised me!)

 And here is the base that was left. It is the bath bomb.

I was stunned when I plopped it in the bath. I expected it to dissolve and fizzle, but it really exploded. I could not capture on camera how well it did but you could even see it through all the bubbles!

I have created a rating system of sorts that I will start using and you will see at the bottom of all the bath posts from now on.

Bubbles - This foamed up really really well and I was impressed with the bubbles. For a bath I like to sit in a bathtub for an hour or so and read a book. So for me I am looking for a product that not only bubbles really really well, but that will also last for the hour of my bath. I find that Lush Bubble Bars have much more staying power for overall length of my bath.

Smell - This product smelled amazing! I loved everything about the scent and unlike many bath products this one had the smell actually linger through the leangth of the bath. Not just fade the minute it hit the water. So the full scores was an easy decision!!

Packaging - What can I say? Its TOTALLY cute and well done. While the packaging is really not going to sway me one way or another (unless its totally non functional and affects the usage) but its something people do take note of and something that can make the difference between actually trying a product for the first time or not!

Water Texture - OMG!! Seriously!! This really was an unfair score. This product actually deserves a 37/10! It was so silky and probably the most moisturising bath I have ever had. My skin STILL feels smooth. When I was a kid The Body Shop was all the rage and they had bath beads that were very popular. They were these little rubber feeling balls filled with oil that melted in the bath. I was always freaked out by the rubbery/plastic feel of the balls, but when used it was basically pouring bath oil into the bath. This seems about the same as adding 12 of those beads to the bath!!

Value/Cost - This one I really struggled on. I originally gave it a 0. For me this is a very expensive product. These cost 6.00 each and are good for ONE BATH. A lush bubble bar is about 6-7 dollars depending on the scent you choose and last 4-6  baths. So at least for ME I found the price point very intimidating. That being said, it is a WONDERFUL product!!

Do I like it MORE than my Lush Bubble Bars? Yes and no. If they were the same price I would say yes in a heart beat. But I do not think I like it THAT much more that I will pay 4-5 times the price on a regular basis. Will I buy it in the future? Absolutely! But it will be a treat for special occasions. Will I ask for it for my birthday or Chanukah instead of Lush? Yes. This is definitely a luxury product that I am thrilled to have tried. If you want to bathe like your favourite stars I suggest you shop their website (and I really suggest you do!!)!


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