Monday, February 27, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Dont Tell Mama VS Illamasqua Viridian

I was just asked if I could compare these two colours. I figured I would quickly post them all here for you guys also! So here they are. As you can see the colours are quite similar in the bottle, but the Deborah Lippmann one is MUCH darker swatched.

The Lippmann is on the left and the lighter one on the right is Illamasqua! Have a great night everyone!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lancome Vernis In Love - Swatches & Thoughts

A while back I showed you all a new collection of 24 colours that were coming to the Lancome counters by way of a collection called Vernis In Love. I was soooooo excited that there were TWENTY FOUR NEW colours and I waited and waited for them to hit stores. I just saw them today and I was SOOOOO disappointed. We here in Canada only get 12. That's HALF the collection. I was gutted. And I looked through the colours and only 4 stood out to me.  It didn't help that the new spring collection here is also missing all three nail polishes. Those two issues together ruined my polish shopping mood for the day. 

Now that I have gotten home and looked back on the original post I did I see that there really is only one colour that I wanted that we don't get here (585 Noir Caviar), but I think it was just the fact that half were missing that upset me so much. I looked and really, nothing much stood out. Four looked interesting enough to swatch and I will get to those but first, here are the colours that are in the ENTIRE collection and the circled ones are the ones that we Canadians get to choose from.

So I swatched four of them. 501 Aquamarine, 573 Bleu de Flore, 441 Midnight Rose and 407 Gris Angora were the ONLY ones that looked good to me and I swatched them in that order. After swatching, I really dont want 573, its too dark for me. I will probably get these 3, I was just in such a bad mood when I noticed we only get half of them that it kind of killed the fun of polish shopping for me. The retail of them here is 16.00 and in the United States they are 15.00.

Now after having gone to the American website, it seems that they only have 17 available for sale over there. So I am not sure what happened to the other 7 shades. 

China Glaze Eye Candy VS Sally Hansen Gem Crush

So I found these polishes and called a friend I had known was looking for them. She asked me to pick her up these four: Lorelei's Tiara, Some Like It Haute, Love Marilyn and Marry A Millionaire. When I saw them though I couldn't help but think they reminded me of the Sally Hansen Gem Crush Polishes. I picked up a couple extras for the Secret Easter Bunny exchanges but was not going to swatch the polishes I was giving away as gifts. Luckily my girlfriend said to swatch away on hers!

In ALL the swatches China Glaze will be on the left, and the Sally Hansen on the right and are done with two coats of polish for consistency sake!

First up, Lorelei's Tiara VS Showgirl Chic. In the bottle the glitter looks like a slightly darker shade of blue in the Gem Crush one, but swatched they are nearly identical. I really think they are close enough to be able to call them dupes of each other.

China Glaze Some Like it Haute VS Sally Hansen Glitz Gal. The only difference I could see was that the Sally Hansen version looked to have bigger chunks of glitter in it. But again, on the nail, I think they are more than close enough to say DUPE!

China Glaze Love Marilyn VS Sally Hansen Cha Ching. In this one, the difference seems to lie in the silver glitter. China Glaze seems to use more or it and larger pieces of it. Swatched, I once more think they are close enough to call dupe, though the china glaze one seems more sheer. I would say three coats of the CG one equal two coats of SH. Also, the bottle shots tend to suggest that Love Marilyn is slightly darker than Cha Ching but I don't see that difference when swatched.

OK, Marry A Millionaire from China Glaze really doesn't have a dupe in the Gem Crush Collection. The closest I could come up with was Be Jeweled and they are not close to the same. But I wanted to keep with form and shoot the comparison photos any ways!

For the very similar ones I would suggest going with China Glaze. They are easier to locate and a lot cheaper. That being said, I love the stubby brush in the Gem Crush ones and am happy to have those instead of these China Glaze ones. I bought two of the purple ones for two of my three Secret Easter Bunnies and am having second thoughts about keeping one of them! I am posting that here in hopes that my public announcement that I bought them for others keeps me to my word!!!

Do you have any of these? Or some from both collections? Which do you prefer?

Catrice Million Styles Limited Edition Collection for Spring 2012

Are you guys holding on to your socks? I am about to knock them off!!

Catrice has a new limited edition collection coming out called Million Styles and it features 8 nail polishes that can be used alone or as top coats. These nail polishes all have the new wider brush and will be available in March/April 2012.

C01 No Smoke Without Fire, C02 Million Dollar Baby

C03 Miss Money Penny, C04 Shake It! Flake It!

C05 Return Of Space Cowboys, C06 Godfather Of Pearl

C07 ¿Holo Qué Tal?!, C08 Have An Ice Day

I NEED the last four in my life. Seriously. NOW!!!

How about you? Which ones are making YOU excited?

Essence Season Of Extremes For March 2012

season of extremes
boredom was yesterday, spring 2012 is going to be extreme – extremely colorful! with the nail polish trend edition "season of extremes", essence unites two trendy color extremes in march 2012. bright colors are combined with subtle nude shades to create an absolutely unique color experience. whether you go for shimmer, pearl or plain, your nails can expect a true blast of color. one thing is for sure: there are no limits to your creativity. extremely individual and extremely cool!

live on the bright side of life! the eight colours of the season of extremes nail polish offer everything a girl with a passion for colours could possibly want. the selection of colors is huge and you can reach for flashy tones or subtle shades depending on your mood. available in four bright colours

01 little miss bright, 02 on the bright side

03 pimp my bright and 04 bright alert!

05 nude or what?, 06 the nude the better

07 nude rules! and 08 did someone say nude?

creativity to the extreme: the two-tone nail polish nail colour³ focuses on sensational colour effects. the two shades can be applied individually or one on top of the other to create a unique third colour. summery yellow, bright pink, nude tones or shimmer – this range has them all! your nails are sure to be the ultimate eye-catchers in town. available in three colourful combinations

01 it's two bright, 02 brightsmates and 03 we are all bright 

04 just the nude of us, 05 team nude and 06 my best nude friends and me

Essence Soul Sista For March/April 2012

"soul sista" by sun club

hey sister, go sister, soul sister, flow sister! things are going to get groovy, funky and chilled when essence presents the trend edition "soul sista" with a skillful combination of summer feeling and 70’s style under the umbrella sun club from mid march until april 2012. gorgeous, summery bronzes blend with golden yellow, strong rosé and turquoise shades to create colorful looks reminiscent of the disco era. for make-up that puts you in the mood for summer! get ready to head to the nearest beach club with your favorite soul sista!

Color your life! The five fabulous nail polish colors awaken a spirit forlife. And with their light shimmer, they’ll sparkle as bright as a disco ball when you hit the clubs! So there’s just one question left to answer:where are all my soul sistas? Let me hear y’all flow sistas! Available in 01 chilled orange, 02 james's favorite brown, 03 lounge chair affair, 04totally retro nude and 05 mojito green. Retail 1.89 €.

Essence Marble Mania For March/April 2012

trendy, twisted and totally hip: inspired by spectacular marble effects, essence presents the new trend edition “marble mania” in march and april 2012. lovers of marble coloring and extraordinary textures can look forward to multi-dimensional effects. mascara, eyeshadow or lipgloss – the marbling is sure to cause a stir! several colors merge into one for a unique swirly

  • Four marble mania nail polishes are €2.29, come in 01 raspberry swirl, 02 who is mr. brown, 03 silver twister and 04 peaches and can be used to create dry marbled nail art with the nail art kit in the collection

  • Nail art kit, €2.79, contains a brush, sponges and two wooden sticks. The brush is ideal for creating lines, stripes and dots with its ultra-fine tip. Use the sponges for “urban airbrush designs or the ultimate marble-look” apparently

I know a lot of my readers tend to find out about these essence collections AFTER they happen and end up missing out on great collections (Vampire Love, Add On Magic, etc) So I am going to TRY really hard to stay up to date on the new polish collections and hopefully we can all stay in the loop together! 

Zoya Swatches - Akyra, Indigo, Ibiza, Tart, Kristen & Lotus

So I already showed you all some Zoya spoons I got in a swap. I thought I would share some more with you!

Based on the online photos above I would have gotten the blue and probably passed on the purple. Seeing these swatches in person, I know I need to do the complete OPPOSITE! Look at that shimmer in the purple! WOW! I love these spoons!

I think I need all but the second and third ones! The blues are just too similar to other Dior, Chanel and Illamasqua polishes I own!

What about you? Which ones do you have? Or are you lemming?


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