Monday, June 9, 2014

Maybelline New York Master Glaze Blush Sticks - Swatched!

I was super excited when these Maybelline Masster Glaze By Face Studio Blush Sticks were introduced. As you guys know, it takes a LOT to get me excited about a drugstore product, but I was willing to put aside the HORRENDOUS fail that the Revlon Baby Sticks were  and give these a go. But I was disappointed in the colour selection. Not a lot of colours that stood out to me. The ONLY one that interested me at all was Just Pinched Pink. So I grabbed it and while I didnt like it, I didnt DISLIKE it. For some reason never made the blog.

Insert a new summer limited edition into the mix and there is a second colour that interested me! YAY! So I picked up Enchanting Apricot and figured I would take the time to show you both of them now.

This one is Just Pinched Pink. Its a not very light, but not too dark/bright rosy pink. While it is supposed to be a sheer blush, its quite a thick/wet stick so you have to be careful as its easy to get far more colour than intended. With a gentle hand it can be very pretty, though it never dries completely (guess thats how it gives you the luminous glow they talk about) so I suggest setting it with a finishing powder.

This one is the limited edition one. Its Enchanting Apricot. Why did I pick this up when I didn't really like the first one? Don't ask me. They aren't bad. They just don't wear so wonderfully, they dont dry down and they are a bit too shimmery for my liking. But not overly shimmering. But yes, anyways, I picked up another shade figuring I would try again. This one is even dewy-er (is that a word??) than the first one, and its a bit more shimmery. So while it glides on nice, the formula is even more disappointing than the first. I have NO IDEA why I picked it up. But the shade called out to me. Yes, I am a sick, sick girl! As its name says, its a slightly too shimmery for me Apricot shade.

And here is the pink one swatched side by side the new apricot toned one. So if you have not been able to find the limited edition ones yet, you can see the difference. Its more shimmery as you can see, and its a good 4 shades darker (aside from the obvious one is pink one is apricot).


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