Friday, March 30, 2012

Secret Easter Bunny Reveal - TAKE TWO!

Two days ago I got an AMAZING package on  my doorstep! My second Secret Easter Bunny package. I LOVE everything and everything I opened was perfect for me! Instead of going on and on about how much I love everything, I will just get to the reveal! 

Look how awesome the card is??!! It stands up on its own! I love it!!

The box had three packages in it!

The first was this MASSIVE easter egg!


All the contents revealed:

Now I can honestly say if there was ONE Butter London polish I would have liked a back up of, it was this one! The fact that both my bunnies got it for me is fantastic!!

Never even HEARD of this brand before! Let alone tried it! Cant wait!!

I loved each and every polish! Now on to the bag!

OMG!!!!! EUROPEAN SMARTIES!!!!!!!!!! So yummy! I cant believe I went from YEARS of not having any, to having some twice in the last little bit!! YAHOO!!

A super cute nail file.

And are you ready for this??????? I thought I had opened all the nail polish! BUT NOPE!!!!!! Koh Platinum Silver. Oh my gosh is this holographic insanity or what?? AWESOME BALLZ!!!

Koh Midnight Blue!

Koh Brilliant Purple!

Look how cute the tissue is??

Some grooming tools

A neat hand kit. I love that they come with gloves. I need this!

A nice hand cream

A perfume atomizer! Perfect for me to take with me on my trip on sunday!

Love this key chain!!

Lip gloss always seems to go missing in my world. This will be perfect!

And since it always goes missing, this will be JUST AS perfect!

Everything together!


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