Monday, June 16, 2014

New Butter London Colour Hardware Nail Art Tool Kit

So this is a new set available on the Butter London website for $30. It does not yet seem to available on the Canadian site, but we tend to get things much later so I assume it will be coming shortly. 


Rock looks inspired by the catwalk with the Colour Hardware Nail Art Tool Kit. Developed backstage, this set of six essential tools contains everything you need to master the basics and experiment with colour. So go ahead, unleash your creativity and rock bespoke looks everyday.

- Dotting Tool: Double-ended with two different sized dots perfectly sized for dot-within-dot manis.
- Striping Brush: Short and pointed for intricate nail designs.
- Clean Up Brush: Dip in nail lacquer remover and brush away imperfections.
- Long Striping Brush: Long tip perfect for bold lines and long strokes.
- Ombré Brush: Innovative brush perfect for chic ombré designs.
- Fashion Size Nail File: To shape and smooth rough edges.
- Tin Storage Container
- Get-The-Look Instructions


  1. I got the smaller set for $18, it had three tools in it. I can't believe how fast shipping was! I ordered on Sunday evening and had it today at noon. Granted I'm in the US, but still, for $3., I'll take overnight shipping! Tools look sturdy and came in a nice tin. Honestly, I really bought it for the clean up tool, but hey, I think I may try the others too.



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