Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Body Shop Advent Calendar

So it looks like The Body Shop is coming out with an advent calendar. I have no idea if its in the UK only, or here to, but check out the British Beauty Blogger HERE for a look at whats inside! But it looks awesome! I hope we get it here!

Holt Renfrew Holiday Beauty Bag

Ok, must say I am totally NOT digging the new holiday bag from Holt Renfrew. Once more, its $35 instead of $25, I guess after 3 seasons, this is just the new normal price. But unlike the spring one, this does not have a big lot of samples. Containing samples from Clinique, Oribe, Laura Mercier and Sisley it is fairly disappointing considering what we got last time. And instead of a $10 off coupon  as always, this has a coupon for 10% off your next beauty purchase.

What do you think?

Marc Jacobs Beauty - Blush And Polish Review And Swatches

So I must admit, I wasn't the fastest at jumping on the Marc Jacobs Beauty bandwagon. I still can't say I am truly as in awe as many others are with the line. But I do like the two pieces I have.

The only thing I purchased from the line was a Marc Jacobs Shameless blush in the colour 206 Reckless.

Like most luxury brands the compact comes in a bag. While most everyone has oohed and ahhed about the "luxurious" packaging, I have to say WHAT THE F*CK (sorry mom, I know, I know, "Watch my mouth")? THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL LUXURIOUS packaging? Please people! Let me introduce you to Guerlain, Chanel or Dior. I even like Chantecaille and their little satin bags better than this. Its a little fabric pouch, not velvet like its contemporaries. The stitching is not even, the tag that says MARC JACOBS is just stitched on at the ends, and the snap isn't even centered. If it wasn't a brand new item purchased from Sephora I would swear it was a knock off. That's kind of the look of the pouch. Like its trying to be something its not.

I know I am being really harsh, but really! If you want to charge Chanel pricing, and compare yourself, then do it right! Along with the palette (which is much smaller than I expected) is a brush. The brush itself is nicer than the Estee Lauder/Lancome type ones that come in blushes, BUT.......... TWO BIG ISSUES HERE. One - these brushes are useless and stupid and pointless, and why waste the time with them? This is not a Marc Jacobs issue. This is an all around, through all brands complaint that drives me mad. At least when I buy a Chantecaille or Le Metier De Beaute one, they don't bother with one at all. But specific to this product, why make a brush that doesn't fit IN the palette? What are you going to do, keep it knocking around your purse? Yes, you could just keep the pouch, but even then, its just a big over site on their part as far as I am concerned.

The shadow itself is nice, if nto a little small (or smaller than I expected is more accurate). Its a nice colour, applies naturally and blends easily. Is it worth the price tag? I'm not sure....... I like it, but I think I would stick with my Dior blushes before this one. Its nice, but its just ok.

Here is the blush, both built up a nd sheered out. As you can see, it has a nice shimmer without being TOO much, and it does build up and sheer out.

Overall, I like the blush. But I am not going to send you running to pick it up.

I have to admit. I had no intention of buying any of these. For one simple reason. If I loved it, I would have another high end brand to collect. Not trying it seemed the easy solution. But sadly, I was gifted it and really love the formula. Sadly..... hehe. Yeah, poor me! What a horrible dilemna! Gifted a polish I really like!

And here is. Oui is a magenta like purple colour. It certainly leans pink, but it is a purple. The packaging is gorgeous, if a little different... good and bad. Good as its pretty, bad for my OCD obsession. Its going to look super awkward and goofy all by itself. I guess I just have to buy another 10-12!

The brush can be improved. Its the standard (three years ago standard) thin, straight brush. I would like to see them move to a shorter wider brush in the future for more precise application!

And then it looks like this:

So yes, I must go get a dozen more. Its the only solution I see!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Deborah Lippmann Wicked Set Swatched

I pretty much KNEW I needed these from the minute I saw them. Not even the pink in it could scare me off the set. That teal? And the green? MINE! And getting it with a 20% off friends and family code just made it even better!

Just like the other set, these are minis (8ml) and applied gorgeously. I must admit, I LOVE Deborah Lippmann polishes, but I find they usually need 3 coats. These were perfect in two!

These are all two coats!

Deborah Lippmann Space Oddity Set Swatched!

So this was originally a Nordstrom exclusive for their anniversary sale and is not pretty much available all over! The set comes wtih 3 cute little mini polishes and they are NOT what I was expecting. In the promo shots it looked like flakie top coats that did not wow me!

In actual reality, there is a rose gold glitter top coat and a silvery with white a holo glitter polish and they are just DIFFERENT! I am a very happy girl to have these polishes!

Each swatch is 2 coats!


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