Monday, March 23, 2015

MASCARA MONDAY - Julep Length Matters Mascara In Jet Black

I have to admit I wanted to hate this product. I REALLY wanted to hate it. I really really liked the first mascaras Julep came out with that they discontinued but they dried out SO FAST. I have never had another mascara dry out to nothing in a sealed box before I could even get to it before trying theirs. I loved the formula (when it was fresh and had first come out) and that they had it in brown, but the mascaras were useless after a few months with our backups being also useless. So I still hold a bit of residual anger.

And for that reason I never purchased the new formula. I figured I would EVENTUALLY get it as a gift with purchase or in a mystery box (which I did) and even then, I held on to it for a few months before trying it out.

And DAMN IT! I really like it! I even like the tiny almost non existent wand!

A big difference as you can see on the one eye, And this wand makes applying mascara to the bottom lashes (a battle I am constantly failing at) much easier than with many other.

Overall, the wear time on this is good, it didnt flake or smudge, and it dried quickly. It also was NOT a battle to remove which I appreciated. My bioderma took it off in a single swipe!


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