Sunday, June 22, 2014

Marc Jacobs 1000 Point Perk - Full Sized Lip Gel & Lip Vinyl

So here is the 1000 point perk that is available right now at Sephora. I think it is sold out online, but as of writing this they were still available in both stores in my city. So you can likely still find them if you want.

Inside the gift box comes a booklet sitting on top of the two full sized lip products.

In the book has a page each on the two products and all the rest is just about Marc Jacobs and his beauty brand.

And here are the two full sized products. They looked very red/berry in the promo pics, but actually, not as much in real life as I thought (which is a good thing).

The gloss is an almost brick shade with shimmer. Warmer than the lipstick and much more brown leaning. The lipstick is a much more true berry. Its more of a pink berry than a red berry shade.


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