Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wave Goddess Collection For Essence Summer 2014

Now as always, I have no idea if this collection will hit stores on this side of the pond or not. What I do know is that its set to be the July/August collection over in Europe so if we get it, it would be here September/October making it completely illogical for us to get.

That being said I would LOVE to try the beach spray and the colour changing polish so I will keep my fingers crossed. Weirder things have happened.
Surfer girls and beach beauties take note: we’re heading to the beach and getting ready to surf with the new essence trend edition “wave goddess” in July and August 2014. Body boarding, stand-up paddling and surfing are the trend sports of the summer! And “wave goddess” offers the ideal products for fun times at the beach or in the water! On top, the absolutely stylish beauty pieces have a gorgeous hibiscus blossom design to create a true summer feeling! In addition to bright colors like orange and pink, the focus is on the it-color of the summer – blue! There are plenty of must-haves: two fabulous products with a tint effect for your lips and cheeks, a top coat that changes the color of your nail polish depending on the temperature, and a styling spray with sea salt for beautiful, wavy beach hair. The trend edition also offers two summery accessories that shouldn’t be missing in any beach bags this season: a wallet and a case for your sunglasses! So grab your board and head for the waves… with essence!


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