Monday, June 16, 2014

REBLOG!!! Cate & Chloe Subscription Box DISCOUNT CODE!!!

This blogpost was originally posted back in November, but I have found an AMAZING discount code (on mysubscriptionaddiction's blog) so I thought it was worth reposting! That and I LIVE in this bracelet!!

So you get $200 worth of Cate & Chloe jewelry every month. (2 pieces shipped separately throughout the month). You also get a bonus piece in your first month! 

Its normally 39.99 but with this code you can get THIRTY percent off! SO you will get 300 or so dollars your first month (as you get an extra piece) in three seperate shipments for only $28!! And you can cancel anytime!!

EDIT - I JUST purchased a sub for myself and after taxes and shipping (there weren't any) it came to $27.99!! And that was with shipping to Canada!!

And here is the original post:

I got mail today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I am not sure if you have heard of the company Cate & Chloe before, but it is a company that I really have not heard much about it.

Now, I dont pretend or suggest to know everything about ANYTHING, let alone Jewellery. Ask me to name the designer or style name of a Tiffany piece or a Links Of London Piece, I am right there. Other brands? Not so much. But I DID think I knew my monthly subscriptions options here in Canada. NOPE!

So when I spoke to the company and was offered to test drive some Jewellery for them, I WAS THRILLED!! Now these WERE sent to me for review, though that never has and never will affect my loud mouth willingness to give an honest review. 

Let me first start by saying how nice these boxes feel. They are not cheap, thin or flimsy boxes. They are actually rather substantial and luxurious feeling (though a little boring/bland). The only flaw in the boxes is that I would prefer a company name or logo on them.

The first thing I got was this bracelet. This is the Karie 'Beloved" Bangle.

Now I have rather small wrists (the only part of me that is tiny!) and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised that it fit my wrist so well. Now if you are a larger girl you may have issues with it. But for me it was PERFECT! And its NOT a bangle, its a cuff. And a cuff that wont fall off me! YAY!

I took a screenshot of the page and as you can see, its $99.00 US. Is it worth that? I have to honestly say NO. Its silver plated. Very substantial and feels like really good quality, but I would NOT pay that much for it. $69 and I might! Sorry! I am trying to keep it real here!

Here is the next piece I got! These earrings are the Mirabelle "Beauty" Earrings and again, retail for $99. And once more, very sturdy feeling and high quality (or so they feel) but yet again, silver plated. Though I assume the hooks are silver as they never once made me itchy like they would otherwise!

These again, I would NOT pay full retail price for. If they were $29-$39 I would  jump on them though! 

And the last pair of earrings I got were the Leanne "princess" ones. Again, I really like these (these are my moms favourite of the lot) but once more CANT say they seem to me to be worth the $99 price point.

Do I LOVE all these pieces? YES!!!!!!!! Do I think they are very well made, sturdy and heavy feeling (as in they have weight to them, not as in they are uncomfortable to wear because of what they weigh) and would like some more pieces? HECK YES!!!!!!! Would I pay $99 a piece for them? HELL NO!!!!!! But two pieces for $40 is a great deal!

Do I suggest you RUN over to the Cate & Chloe website and subscribe and pick up a box? YES!!!!!!!!!

Now the important stuff:

  • THEY SHIP TO CANADA (though it takes 7-14 days). They warned me that I would be responsible for duties and taxes but they labeled the package as gift and valued it at $20 so it was easy peasy and I had no issues. 
  • You are able to skip a month if you contact them! 

Now, I did choose these pieces to review. In the subscription box, you get two mystery pieces each month valued at $200 (I am assuming the value will actually be $198 since most everything is $99). That being said, you are able to send them special requests so if you hate rose gold, or dont wear necklaces, they will tailor the boxes to you! I really must say how much I love these pieces! The cost is 39.99


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