Saturday, June 14, 2014

Inglot 10 Pan Shadows - Palette Three Swatched!

So since I had been loving my Laura Mercier Artists Palette SOOOOO much, I figured I was using the purples (who knew!) mainly and thus I would try out some new purples! While I dont love all of these ON ME, I love the quality of them. Shade 40 I am especially loving and have been enjoying 440 as a highlighter. The only two that really make me uncomfortable to use seem to be 71 and 482. A big step and improvement from my ONLY NUDE shadow philosophy up until this point!

Also, you will notice that this palette is labeled. They actually all are now, though the first two were photographed before these labels taped on. Just makes it easier for me to know what is what!

Top row swatched from left to right, 440, 39, 441, 71 and 491.

Bottom row swatched from left to right: 493, 14, 22, 40 and 482.

I hope these swatches make it easy to tell just how pigmented these shadows are! These are swatched with my finger and have no base or primer under them what so ever. The fall out on the shimmery shades is almost none, the wear is fantastic, and they have more than 200 shades to choose from! Makes my measly collection of 50 shades seem vastly underwhelming!



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