Monday, June 6, 2016

Eshakti Take 3 & Take 4

Just in case you guys were not yet fully convinced as to how damn OBSESSED I have become with Eshakti, here is a bit of a hint. Dresses 3 and 4. Yes. I ordered 2 more. We wont even discuss that 5 minutes ago I ordered 3 more. But those ones I had shipped to my family in NYC. So it will be about 3 weeks before I am back there and can pick them up. Yup. That is me. FULLY Obsessed. But in my defense, I am so disproportionate that to find a dress that fits me without alterations needed is a literal impossibility unless its insanely a-lined or it has a ton of stretch. So these are a game changer in my universe. 

Both of these dresses are crepe. They are super light and perfect for summer and yet fully lined! And they fit me as perfectly as can be! I've already worn both dresses multiple times! The seashell one I changed up the neckline making it higher, went from elbow length sleeves to 3/4 and shortened the length up


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