Thursday, June 19, 2014

MAC Jolly Good Mineralize Skinfinish Review

So you all buy now know that I picked these up at The Bay on Friday for 10% off so I will jump right in to the review. This is the Jolly Good MSF from the Kelly Osborne Collection.

This is meant to be a dual bronzer highlighter product, though I have heard a lot of complaints that these shades don't work ideally for the purposes. For my glow in the dark skin the bronzer portion is acceptable as a bronzer or for contouring and the highlighter is good as a blush.

Now this product is kind of a fail and kind of great for me all at once. Its very soft and finely milled (which is great) but it really doesnt stick to the skin. It kind of rubs off. While this is lousy for most people, for me its great as the bronzer gives a very very very subtle amount of colour. Barely there to the point for most people I could see thinking "What's the point?". For me, just enough sticks to the skin to make it easy to work with and not too much. I think the shade blends out to about an NC20 skin colour making it almost non existant on most people (yay for being the shade of the walking dead!).

Here are the shades swatched on my red and white skin! From left to right, the bronzer, the blush, and the two mixed together. As you can imagine, when they are blended out they are very light!

Overall, I think this product will be a fail for many people. That being said, for all the reasons its a fail, it's an out of the park home run for me!


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