Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chanel Diwali VS Chanel Gold Lame - Swatches!

Look what I got!!! I am soooo excited. I had no plans of getting this. I had not even thought about it. Then a lovely lady ordered a pile of polishes from my favourite sales associate ever and had them shipped to me because they wont ship outside of Canada. And this was one of them. And I of course said to the sales associate "get one for me too!". STUPID. BUT WONDERFUL!! Hehe. I love this. Its gold, but its not yellow gold. Its like a silver gold. Its really a foil looking gold with intesnse and isnane silver shimmer that makes it look like a goldish silver or a silvery gold. Whichever way you care to look at it!

The thing that was bothering me was how close it would be to Gold Lame. Not close at all. Not even similar. I gave away my Gold Lame to someone but then won one for free in a livejournal contest. I won Gold Lame, Illusion D'or (also one I had given away!) and a black I dont remember but it exploded in transit and was trashed.

As you can see, Gold Lame is both darker and more orange than Diwali. Diwali is a foil and not a shimmer so its look is more gritty looking in the bottle and on the nail is much more like a foil. Its also much cooler of a colour. For those of you who did not think of gold as a cool colour, here you go!

As you can see, Diwali looks almost silver in comparison to Gold Lame.

The other really really odd thing to note is that even though Diwali is the foil and thus SHOULD be a streaky mess, Gold Lame is much more streaky than Diwali. It really is the perfect perfect gold as far as I am concerned and possibly my favourite Chanel I now own! I never would have though I would say that!

Glitter Gal Dark Purple - Happy Canada Day To All!!

So Sunday is Canada Day. But Canada Day is Monday. Confused? Our wonderful and oh so wise government (insert sarcasm here) decided to pass a new bill this year that states that when Canada Day falls on a Sunday the holiday is moved until Monday. Now since Canada was ALWAYS a statutory day off it was really irrelevant. When Canada Day has fallen on a Sunday, we have had sunday off with pay if we work a retail job and if you did not work a retail job you had Monday off in leu of Sunday. Everyone was happy. A long weekend for those who worked non retail jobs and a stat and extra pay if you were a retail worker. So what happens now? Sunday is Canada Day. But not legally. So all retail workers will work on Sunday and have Monday off with everyone else. The problem? All festivities and fireworks and parties will still be on Sunday. So its really a big SCREW YOU to all retail workers. They will be at work (which I assume will be DEAD) and missing all street festivals, parties and fun. They will have Monday off with everyone else unable to do anything because our entire city has totally shut down. Nice huh?

Anyways, rant over. I decided since a lot of the parties and festivities start Saturday I would do a special manicure for my Saturday Canada Day excitement. A BBQ at a friends place followed by going down to a big street festival in the night time! Now many of you may be going "Purple Holographic?? FOR CANADA DAY??!!" but here is my excuse. Canada Day to me means fireworks, and this TOTALLY looks like fireworks on my hands!! So it IS festive!!

I know this is a zillion photos but OMG!! Is it not a firework explosion or what? Now all these are in doors! I plan on taking off this manicure tomorrow night (Right now its Friday evening) and putting something else on for the actual day of Canada Day. Maybe red and white. I don't know yet.

And I love it SOOOO much, I am breaking down and showing you my pre clean up nails! This is two coats and I have not yet cleaned it up! But is it not GORGEOUS!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Look What I Just Ordered!!!

Hey everyone! I just kind of fell for a new indie brand and had to share it all with you. The thing that got me really excited was that they are not just glitters. I love the looks of most of these (sorry, do not do pink!). The best part? Any 3 of your choice for 12.00 (in mini form!)!!! I am ordering all but Star Struck and Bubble Gum!! The brand is called Sparkles By Julie. I have seriously not been this excited about an Etsy order since Nerd Lacquer!!! I will post swatches and reviews when they all come! I promise!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lush - The Carrot Review

I debated back and forth whether or not I should review this product or not. It is not available anymore through the Canadian website though it is still for sale through the European site. My mom brought this home for me ions ago as she recalled my saying I had wanted it. I had not seen it before but am not complaining! To my mom who reads my blog - WHICHEVER lush bath product you are looking at - I WANT IT!!!

Now I was 95% sure this was a bubble bar and 85% sure it was a magic wand type one where you hold it under the water and do NOT crumble it. But to make sure (every so often I feel the need to prove my roots really lean more blonde than red!) I googled it to find reviews just in case. Having read the reviews I was disappointed. While I WAS correct in how they worked but the reviews were rather poor. The lack of scent when used and lack of bubbles were both common comments. So my expectations were dropped considerably. I did however LOVE the write up on the LUSH UK website about it though!!
It’s a little-known fact that when the Easter Bunny’s done delivering all those eggs, he likes to kick back and relax in a luxurious bubbly bath. This year he can do it in style with our new Carrot reusable bubble bar! 
It may look like a crunchy carrot, but luckily it doesn’t smell like one (we didn’t think a root vegetable perfume would be too popular with those of you who aren’t Easter Bunnies!)
Instead, Shakira made a brand new fragrance for our Carrot, using fruity essential oils of buchu, which has a lovely blackcurranty scent, together with lemon and bergamot to give this carrot an unexpectedly tropical touch.

Like all our reusable bubble bars, Carrot can be swished into a pre-run bath or held under a running tap to produce lots of fragrant bubbles. When you’ve got enough bubbles, just put the Carrot on one side to dry and you’ll be able to use it for several more baths.

The top of carot is what you hold while swooshing it under the tap of running water.

The smell of the Carrot is very nice. It is very light and subtle but very relaxing.

As you can see, it does turn the water an unnatural shade of orangey-yellow. While it does not look the most appealing it really does not bother me at all!!

Now it DID fill the bathtub with bubbles which I was worried about after reading many reviews.

So after the tub was full of bubbles and I took it out of the stream of water I was shocked to see how much of The Carrot was left. I was expecting it to dissolve a lot more and was impressed with that. It is definitely a more solid and dense bar than the normal bubble bars.

And I sat it over my soap to dish to dry out before putting it away. Yes, that is my new favourite soap underneath - Lush Dirty. There is also a tiny little piece of Candy Cane Soap sitting in there.

So was I thrilled with it? NO. The bubbles did not really last long and within 20 minutes there were no bubbles left. Not what I am used to with Lush Bubble Bars.The scent while wonderful did not last or linger and you could not at all smell it in the bathtub. Did I hate it? NO. The silkiness of the water was wonderful and that was nice. If it was another brand I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more. Because it was not bad. It was just not to the level I have come to expect out of the brand. Overall, I am glad I got it and got to try it. But not something I will ever repurchase.  

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Elevation Polish Giveaway!!!

I just have to share this amazing giveaway with you all! Fingers Polish Mania is giving away an AMAZING prize!! I really really really want to win this! So look, drool, and then dont enter so I can win!! Haha, just kidding! Go enter FAST!! This is one giveaway you do NOT want to miss out on entering!

Here is a picture of what you will win.

This first color is not from her new collection, but rather her last collection. It is called Aurora, Next is Stay Behind, Catch a Wave, a blue glitter, El Cap, Rapa Nui, Torres Del Paine, Last Two Pitches, Pata on the Back and Pata Puffer, which is a magenta glitter.

A Few More Selections From The Nailtini Bar!

For those of you who saw my past post on Nailtini, I have another one for you! I just got these in the mail which means MORE swatches for you! And it means the end of my Nailtini wish list. Which  means they need to get off their bums and make a new collection or add new colours! 

Now just to be open and upfront, I did not purchase these. After my last review (which I did purchase!) the company contacted me and offered to send me 4 minis of my choice. And minis are NOT mini!! They are about the size of a full sized Gosh polish! Now there was no deal to review them (though of course I am!!) and I will of course be honest and fair in my review regardless of from where they came!

These are the four that I chose. I was told I could pick any four. Which is convenient because my wishlist had exactly FOUR colours left. To be honest these are not what I was expecting!!

Voodoo & Liquid Luau

These two are straight up colours. They are not the effect top coats but rather the wonderful colours you start with. Voodoo is described on the webpage as "Cast a spell with premium nail lacquer in vivid, iridescent plum purple" but honestly, I see it as a fuchsia pink. I guess I should start by saying these four were sold out or not available when I was at the store in NYC so I had never seen these in person. The second colour is Liquid Luau which is described as "Premium nail lacquer in a blend of coral and bronze shot with silver glimmer, like tropical flowers on a moonlit sea". It also was not what I was expecting. Its very much like Julep Jodie. It is a pinky-bronzy-rosey colour with silver shimmer. Most like a rose gold. But it is really pretty and I do see myself wearing it!

Spritzer & Chilled

Up next is Spritzer and Chilled. These are the topper top coats. They ARE the effect top coats. Again, not quite what I was expecting based on the webpage. Sparkler is described as "Premium nail lacquer overflowing with glitter, like fireworks atop your nail cocktail. Float over any color, or wear multiple coats on its own for serious dazzle". The picture on the website looks like this:

I guess looking at the picture of what I got and the stock photo they DO look alike. I was just expecting red with a bit of fuchsia but it is really JUST fuchsia and not the red. But again, that was just a surprise. I have not and had not googled reviews or images of it so I guess that's the joy of shopping onlline! Chilled is described as "Special-effect top coat in a satiny matte finish with a hint of shimmer" It is a VERY subtle effect but quite nice!

Up first is Liquid Luau two coats, then with one coat of chilled, and then with one coat of sparkler. Then comes Voodoo two coats, then two coats with one coat of chilled, then finally two coats with one coat of sparkler.

I also was playing around and topped a few more things with sparkler trying to find a combo I would wear! I first put it over blue denim, and then over nirvana both by Dior.

And here it is over a bright metallic purple.

Overall the quality of the polishes is exactly what I have come to expect from Nailtini. Wonderful formula, two coats makes it perfect, one coat you could probably get away with, fairly fast drying time, and as we know, I love the concept of the company! 

My ONLY upset is that the colour descriptions on the website could be a little better. The stock photos are not very accurate and its hard to judge online what they will look like in person. At least you know that you will end up with a high quality unique colour in the end, even if its not QUITE what you were expecting! 


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