Saturday, May 23, 2015

Haul #2 - The Clothing!

Most of you know I am a big thrift store shopper. I love clothes and hate cheap quality and disposable items. So instead of buying something at Forever 21 that will fall apart in a week, I can spend that money at a thrift store and get something of fantastic quality for the same price point. Seems like a no brainer to me. 

With that said, I do love my J Crew, Ann Taylor, Loft by Ann Taylor, Top Shop and Banana Republic. They are always my go to shops for work clothing and such. It would however be nice if we had ANY of those stores in the city (or province) I live in. Sadly, it would bean 8 hour drive across the border to get to the nearest of ANY of those stores. Well, we did get a Banana Republic last year, so we have one of the five. Sigh....... They have to EVENTUALLY make their way here, right?

Anyways, that leads to shopping only when on vacation. Yet I was in New York, New Jersey and Nevada in the last month and did no shopping! So for the first time ever I thought I would give online shopping a try! The nice thing about all of the above stores is I am a pretty standard size 6/8 or M in the tops at all the above and a size 10 in the skirts. The only exception is Top Shop where I range from a size 4-10 depending on the top and cant for the life of me know until I try it on. So I wont risk the online shopping there. 

LOFT had a sale where it was 40% off the sale price, so instead of $51 these shirts ended up costing $11.93 each. I bought both the navy/black and the grey/cream.

From Ann Taylor, I got a similar idea of a shirt, in this chambray and navy shade. I love the faux layered look as its one less layer I need to actually wear to get the look. This retailed for $102 here and was on sale for $29.99 and an additional 40% off so I got it for $17.99.

Banana Republic had a sale on the website for 40% off the lowest price as well, but at the leather skirt I had been eyeing ($185) was only down to $96 and I still didnt want to pay $60 plus tax. A friend told me to go in to the store as it was much cheaper in the store so I went and it was $36.99 and then the 40% off THAT. Making it less than $20! This sweatshirt with mesh shoulder inserts is so comfortable an felt so nice in store I accidentally got sucked in. Retail was $95 bur the entire bill came to just under $50 for it and the skirt. So I guess it was about $25 before taxes. Overall, I spent under $50 on what would have been $300 so I guess it was an ok extra even if I didn't NEED it.

J Crew - I saw Mindy Kaling where this in a fashion blog and needed it. At $14.99 instead of the $116 Canadian price tag I think it was a score! Side note, I have to stop reading! Ive already worn it a few times over a button up blouse!

Worn this way:

Would love the dark ink shade but will remain happy with the grey one!

This top from J Crew I bought and then had major second thoughts. But once it arrived I was happy to find I freaking love it. At $114 I might not have even tried it on, but at $28.19 I am glad I added it to my shopping cart. I don't own a white shirt to wear under it (I KNOW!!) and the black button down didnt quite work so I went with a sky blue button down underneath. A white has been added to my shopping list!

$114 for a thin sweatshirt? You gotta be kidding. For a glittery one though...........  I know I know. But it was on clearance for $17.49 so it became an easy yes. Its actually super thin and more of a sweater with cuffs of a sweatshirt than a true sweatshirt. It is however a big regret. It came full of pulls, J Crew was amazing and said not to worry about sending it back, they express shipped a new one that arrived two days later. But it GOT a pull the first time I wore it. Not very noticeable, but its a super super fragile top and pulls if you look at it the wrong way. With that said it IS super cute and I do really like it, though I wish the slits didn't go up quite so high up the side.

And lastly, I stopped in to Anthropologie (that never ends well for my wallet) and found this dress. It was  $169 but was on sale for $39.99 and 20% off THAT making it only $32. I bought it because, how could you NOT? and then immediately took it to my tailor to have about 6 inches chopped off the bottom (ok, maybe only 3 if I am being honest) since I am....... vertically challenged. $20 later it is at the perfect length to just graze the ground when wearing flats. So I guess the dress really cost me $50 and not $30 but overall, still an amazing deal!

Friday, May 22, 2015

I Am Back! Sort Of.....

Just wanted to stick my head out of the rabbit hole and say hello to everyone. I am still having a bit of a hard time processing the last 4 weeks of my life let alone get caught up on the details! I got back home after almost three weeks in NYC and Vegas only to write an exam literally the next day. Just in case that wasn't stressful enough, I started a new job less than a week later. The job is great, the environment is so much better than where I was before, and there are no complaints. BUT.... It was a big overwhelming change. I was up at 4am daily to be out of the house by 515 for the first week and a half (a big change from waking up at 8pm like I used too!!) and then a week where I didnt get home from work until 1230am. I am now thankfully back in my regular schedule I have for the last two and a half years so I feel like I am just now getting back to "normal".

Anyways, I will stop babbling now and just say how much I appreciate everyones messages and comments asking about me. I have had quite a few hauls recently so those will be coming first, followed by regularly scheduled programming!


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