Monday, June 23, 2014

Secret Summer Swap Box Unboxing!

So by now I think everyone who reads my blog knows that I organize a slew of seasonal swaps. The largest ones have topped 100 participants, and it is now sitting around 30. So I got my box in the mail recently and it came all the way from halfway around the world!

Now the instructions said to get a diet coke, so I really had no choice! LOL! I had literally just woken up 5 minutes earlier and normally would have grabbed caffiene first, but I was too excited about tearing in to my box. And my mom was interested too! So I will apologize and you will have to accept the lack of makeup, still red and half asleep face!

And then I started tearing in to the packages.

When I opened this one I nearly fell over. Its stunning. And to be honest, there is a bit of an unknown back story with this brand. Which I am soooooooooooo thankful that my lovely match did not know or I would have never gotten this. There was a big dance legends polish group buy in one of the facebook groups I am in. I chose not to get any as I didn't want the brand as all the bottles are different sizes and shapes and it upsets my obsessive nature of polish collecting. But.............. Now that I got this one (I forgot to snap a picture of the name but I am pretty sure its Spacecraft) I think I may need to get them all. Sigh.... Can I go back in time and take part in that group buy? Please? Anyone have a time machine I can borrow? 

I squealed when I picked this one up before I even opened it. It felt like a Catrice. Could it be?


And we now interrupt the regularly scheduled programming for a Dance Of  Joy!

Ok, enough Perfect Strangers for now, just keep that image going through your mind for the rest of this post!

A very yummy smelling yankee candle! I love candles!

Another bout of squealing when I picked this up. I know smarties here come in square boxes, but the little octagon boxes that they come in throughout Europe are very distinct! Now to ration them as once they are gone, they are GONE!

A flat little package!

These look really nice! I think I will try some of these out in three weeks when in LA for the wedding. I think they will be perfect over the purple nails I am planning!

Now hold the phone. I am usually pretty darn good at determining what the brand is by feel (or narrowing it down a bit). But this had me stumped.

This little beauty by WIC by herôme is a brand new brand to me. Never even heard of it before. But after the now hours I have spent on my phone drooling over researching the brand, I guess I need to be grateful there are only 79 shades in the brand and not 150 since I need almost all of them! Sigh.......

And yes, now what felt like another..... could it be another Catrice?

Another from my list of polishes I need get my hands on though I never will!

And yup! Another! How awesome is my match?!

The packaging didn't stump me the second time around! It just excited me!

Beteween the Catrice and the WIC polishes, I am in polish heaven right about now. Not to be comfused with Polish heaven. I am still here in Canada.

This one is so stunning I cant even put it in to words!

Not quite sure how the polishes don't seem to end, but I am loving it all!


Is it wrong that in my head between the squeals of joy I am seriously thinking, OK, 3 down, 76 more to go?

This was yet one more package that I could not figure out by feel. It really stumped me!

And so thoughtful of her to add a magnet and cute little key ring! It will be going on my bag now instead of the standard Michael Kors fob that comes standard on the bags!

And a group shot!

And a card:

I love the simplicity of the card. And the cute bunny!

So if you are reading this here, a big massive thank you. I always love and appreciate the thought and effort that my matches go to in putting together packages for me, and I can honestly say I love EVERY SINGLE freaking polish!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


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