Saturday, June 28, 2014

Birthday Group Gift #2

So I am part of a birthday group. What this is a group of 12 girls (in theory, we only have 10) who each have a birthday "month". My birthday is in May, but June is my month. So every girl sends the birthday a girl a nail polish gift each month for their birthday. Meaning that each of us will get 9 gifts each month with no one in July or December. There are few requirements other than it be a $30 value before shipping and it be thoughtful! So here is my second package I have received!

A bag full of star glitter for my nails!

The birthday cake m&ms taste exactly like REGULAR m&ms for anyone who is interested. And we have well established on this board already that I LOVE REESE and what may not have been established yet is since the video of my unboxing where I try on of these Fast Breaks, that Fast Breaks are my fav of all the Reese peanut butter candy options!

And then some more China Glaze polishes! This I think completely obliterates my entire China Glaze wishlist! Better go find some more to add! And in resorting and organizing my stash I have also learned of the 65 China Glaze polishes I own, more than half are blue!

From left to right is Toe-Tally Textured, Of Course!, Queen B, Scandalous Shenanigans, Kiss My Glass and Charmed I'm Sure.

I put polishes on my wishlist very often that I saw online and have never seen in person. These were all like that. And as a wonderful surprise I freaking love all of these four! They are awesome!

These are by far the weirdest (not counting the DISGUSTING nails inc ones that I reviewed HERE) that I have ever seen. The sandy bits are more scattered and there is less of them. Its an odd look. I don't dislike them, but......... I guess I just dont know in person what I think of them yet. Weird seems the best adjective. Though again, that is not a complaint. I wanted these and am glad I got them. Just weird......

And the group shot!


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