Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Limited Edition Butter London Nordstrom Exclusives For Holiday 2013

Prince's Plums (a repromote that used to be around but my bottle is so old, the square cap doesnt come off, its from before they started that!!) and a gorgeous orange shimmer called Torch!

Guy Bourdin Collection for NARS Holiday 2013

So the first images are out! This collection will launch on Oct  15th at the NARS boutique, and Sephora and department stores will get them on November 1st. I cant say I am AS excited as the Andy Warhol collection, but that's life. 

There will be four polishes at $19 US along with many other items. The price points are reasonable (for NARS) with eyeshadows  $24US, lipsticks at $26US, and blushes at $29.  The gift set break downs are as follows:

Sephora exclusives:
One Night Stand Cheek Palette $65US
Promiscuous Mini Lip Coffret $45US

Other gift sets:
Fling Lip Kit $49US
Crime of Passion Face Kit $59US
Beautiful Stranger Nail Polish Coffret $35US
Voyeur Mini Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner Coffret $49US
Cosmetic Pouchette with Heart Design $75US
Splendor in the Grass Cheek Palette $49US

Lets All Move To Australia!

Why might you ask should we all move to Australia? Because they have these there!!!!

Dont ask me whose photo this is. I have no idea. It was pinned on pintrest and I just about fell over I got so excited! PICTURE POLISH. VENDING MACHINE. TOGETHER. O. M. G.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Urban Decay 24/7 Liners In Dime And Gunmetal

So I was able to knock two eyeliners off my never ending wishlist this past week. Urban Decay Dime and Gunmetal. Both of these shades are currently discontinued but you may still be able to get your hands on them through ebay or blogsales if you are so determined. And Dime seems to still be on the Ulta website.

Dime is a pure metallic silver with silver glitter, and gunmetal is a dark silvery grey with silver glitter. Both are buttery soft, apply super easily without pulling and are just gorgeous!

Julep Reece, Karmen, Tatiana and Candice!

Now this is NOT a holiday collection, but it sure should be! This just SCREAMS winter holidays to me. Xmas, New Years. Chanukah, Kwanza, Christmukah, Festivus, or any other winter holiday.

Now I will apologize at the get go since I went a little overboard with the swatches. They are just so freaking awesome! Kind of reminiscent to me of the Deborah Lippmann Sugar Plum or Rock This Town sets. But actually, these have a better formula (sorry Deborah Lippmann, I love you!).

Reece - Julep simply describes this as a holographic shimmer. It certainly has holographic shimmer as you can see in the photos, but its kind of a purple/green duochrome with holographic shimmer.

Karmen - Julep describes Karmen as a golden crimson microglitter. Now in the bottle this looks like an INTENSE gold shimmer that is quite obvious. In reality its a gorgeous cranberry shade with a subtle gold shimmer. This is one coat to show opacity, and while you do need two coats, I felt one coat really showed how smooth and even the application is.

Tatiana - Described as a golden burnt orange microglitter. This just looks like autumn and fall and leaves to me. Its a burnt orange with a golden glow. It just looks like outdoor autumn leaves to me!

Candice - Described as a golden chocolate microglitter, This looks like a chocolate brown base with so much golden and even slightly olive shimmer that gives it a much lighter look than the average almost black based polish.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Lorac Dazzling Dozen Limited Edition Eye Shadow Collection

Wow. Ok, so here is another limited edition Ulta set! I know, I know! Why do I keep posting ULTA specials when they dont ship to Canada? Because they are just so darn awesome! (Or some of them are at least!). This is a set of twelve FULL SIZED single shadows. These are NOT miniature, or special packaging. Just regular shadows that you can happily go to the Lorac website and pay $19US per shade! and yes, 12 of them for only $35! That is less than the price of two and you get you 12! I think I may be picking this up as well! EEK!

Shades include Serenity, Bronze, Starlight, Celebutante, Smokin, Au Naturel, Shimmer, Sapphire, Mango, Gleam, Luxury and Dazzle.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Butter London Duos In Ice And Fire

Ok! Here we go! Its time! A holiday set from Butter London (or two) that I NEED!!!!!!! Finally! I get to get all excited and jumpy here!

There are two sets, Ice and Fire. Ice includes Bluecoat and Leccy Top Coat and Fire includes Rebel Fox and Brass Monkey Top Coat.

Each set is $24 each and I am about to see if my US polish dealer (haha, I love her, really!) can pick these up for me! Go check them out on the Ulta website.

Butter London Glam Rock Set For Holiday 2013

Another Limited Edition set from Butter London is this Glam Rock set. Also minis, these polishes are $39 and you get 5 of Butter London's stock list of colours along with one brand new shade. Colours include West End Wonderland, Pillar Box Red, Slapper, All Hail The Queen, Buckie and Trout Pout. Buckie is the new one and the gorgeous purple!

Once more, not a set I am jumping on since I own all but the new one but if I want to pretend for a minute that the world does NOT revolve around me and every set should NOT be made to make me happy (remember, this is just a pretend scenario) than its a great set and a great way to test out some colours!

Available on the Ulta website right now! 

Limited Edition Butter London 12 Piece Polish Set For Holiday 2013

Exclusively at Ulta, Buttter London has a set of 12 mini 6ml polishes for Holiday 2013 in a nice gift box.

Butter London Holiday 12 Piece Fashion Size Set. A carefully crafted box with signature details and a bespoke selection of 10 fashion size lacquers, 8 of their favorite shades, 1 from the vault, 1 NEW shade. Nail Foundation and Hardware round out this brilliant gift!

Now usually this is where I get all excited and giddy and tell you how much I need this set and that it WILL be mine. Instead, I am going to rant. Butter London, you REALLY dropped the ball on this set. Contained in this set are: Cake Hole (pink, no thank you), Come to Bed Red (not big into reds or I would have this already), Blagger (have), Dodgy Barnett (have), Jaffa (have), Henley Regatta (have), Fruit Machine (another pink), Yummy Mummy (have), Prince's Plums(vault) (this is a super old gorgeous colour that never came out in the new packaging, but I actually own it already), NEW The 444 (apparently the one amazing awesome 6ml polish that should propel us to drop $65 for this set?).

Im all for great large sets of mini colours for a reasonable price, but are you freaking kidding me Butter London?! Most of the people who shell out $60+ on nail polish would be the people who are hooked on polish and obsessed like I am. And those people would have most of these colours. Old vault colours is a smart idea, but one? So at most, you want us to shell out $70 after taxes for two little 6ml polishes?


If however you disagree with me, you can pick up this set on the Ulta website right now!

Green Tea Facial Mask From Skinfood

So Skinfood is a Korean brand that is quite popular. Since I have been on a face mask kick lately I picked up a few sheet masks to try out.

I am not going to go on about how I feel it worked, because to be honest, I only kept it on about 3 minutes before being digusted and tossing it.

This mask is REALLY wet. And by REALLY wet, I mean dripping down my neck and on to my pj shirt the entire time. And its really really big.

I couldnt position it on my face anywhere that it actually sat on my entire face. And while it might work if you remained lying down on your bed on your back the entire time, it was so wet that I would have made a big wet spot on my bed.

I was really excited to try this, but I sadly took it off after three minutes because I just couldn't handle it any longer. Have you tried one of these masks before? What was your thoughts?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2013 Jack Purcell Converse Collection For Hudson’s Bay Company

Ok, I must admit. I WANT these! More than even I thought I would when I heard about. I am jus thead over heals in love with these converse shoes made out of (ok, not really, but they look like it) bay blankets! Sold exclusively at Hudson's Bay, these are limited edition and have a suggested retail price of $120. I DON'T need these! I KNOW I don't need these. But oh my gosh I WANT these!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

OPI and IPhone 5 Team Up For An Exclusive Set!

Here is a bit of a different set from OPI. Exclusively at Ulta, you can pick up an OPI polish and a corresponding IPhone 5 case! They are pricey at $39 but even myself NOT really being an OPI fan of the highest regard would jump at the blue one if they were for the Galaxy. Seriously people! Samsung Galaxy has become the first phone to OUTSELL the IPhone and sells more worldwide than IPhone still. So why does every cute case out there on the market come out for IPhone?! HUH!???

Shades are Pink Flamenco, You Dont Know Jacques, Dating A Royal and I’m Not Really A Waitress! What do you guys think?

Tarte Gorgeous Getaways Portable Palette

If you will all recall, I showed you this the other day:

And I mentioned how much I wanted it. For those of you who think this is too big and too much packaging, how about this set?

Now I ALMOST love it. The truth is I only want the palette and the blush out of the first set. I think I have
already promised away a few things in the kit. So I really do/would like this set except that it is to me EVEN MORE bulky. The palette in the other set is super thin and flat, where as this set has a box with a drawer underneath and would take up A TON of room in my stash. But for many of you, this set might be better.

In the set, is 16 full sized amazonian clay eye shadows, 4 full size amazonian 12-hour clay blushes in limtied edition shades, 3 full sized maracuja lipglosses and a portable collector’s compact for the interchangeable squares!

Oh! And if you are American, this is an Ulta exclusive for only $48 dollars! For an idea of value, a single blush (there are four in this set) retail for $26!

Stila Holiday 2013 Collection!

So I must admit, I really like Stila eyeshadows. And I just got two new limited edition exclusive palettes that I hope to show you all tomorrow in both a YouTube Video and a blogpost here. But today I am going to talk about the holiday collection.

Let me warn you, there are A LOT of holiday products! All prices are in US dollars.

Stila Color Me Pretty Lip & Cheek Palette $28
A cream palette for lips and cheeks! Colours included are Kitten, Peony, Gerbera, Rose and Petunia

Stila Color Me Pretty Lip Cheek Palette

Stila Color Outside The Lines Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner Set $34
Five full size Waterproof Stila Smudge Sticks in Emerald, Navy, Aubergine, Stingray and Lionfish 

Stila Color Outside The Lines Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner Set

Stila Tools of the Trade 5 Piece Luxe Brush Set $28
5 Brushes in a clear canister in brushes #5, #33B, #24, #9 and #4

Stila Tools of the Trade 5 Piece Luxe Brush Set
Stila Portrait of a Perfect Pout Vibrant Lip $16
Lip palette with shades Hey Baby, Pink Flamingo, Rosy Posy, Sangria, Siren and Merlot. 

Stila Portrait of a Perfect Pout Vibrant Lip
Stila BB Try-Me Trio Beauty To Go $24
Three Stila BB Creams in the regular, illuminating cream and illuninating bronzer

Stila BB Try Me Trio Beauty To Go

Stila Portrait of a Perfect Blush $16
Five Blush Shades in Pretty in pink, Golden, Precious Pink, Illume and Rose

Stila Portrait of a Perfect Eye $16
Six eye shades in 
Parchment, Organza, Vintage, Linen, Antique and Rosewood

Stila Portrait of a Perfect Pout Neutral Lip $16
Five cream lip products in Dreamy, Delicate, Demure, Darling, Devin and Delightful

Stila Portrait of a Perfect Blush

Stila Portrait of a Perfect Eye

Stila Portrait of a Perfect Pout Neutral Lip

Stila Color Me Glossy Lip Glaze Set $28
Three sets of lipglazes in one box! One set pink, one red, and one nude. Keep all nine, or give them out as three separate gifts!

Stila Color Me Glossy Lip Glaze Set
Stila Masterpiece Series Eye & Cheek Palettes $39
Three seperate palettes for eyes and cheek

Volume I:The Minimalist - Shadows in natural light, simplicity, elegance, subtlety, balance and cheek shade in harmony
Volume II: The Impressionist - Shadows in canvas, pastel, vision, watercolor, movement and cheek shade in parisian pink
Volume III: The Modernist - Shadows in glaze, avant-garde, mondrian, abstract, charcoal and cheek shade in nouveau

See what I mean? I meant it when I said there were A LOT!


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