Saturday, May 31, 2014

More Deborah Lippmann Fall 2014 Previews

A Glamour UK editor posted this picture captioned:
Getting a sneaky peek at the new @deborahlippmannautumn nail colour collection over breakfast.#DLCelebrates15 #nails #beauty #glamourbeauty

Deborah Lippmann Collection For Fall 2014 - Swatched!

You thought I was done with Lippmann I bet! LMAO! Nope. Its a two day DeborahLippmanPalooza! Cosmopolitan UK posted this photo of the fall collection. I am GUESSING that it might be that mystery collection I posted from yesterday? It looks similar, but then again, who knows?!

See, the swatches above look like the shades below, but the bottom right polish on the top picture looks completely different from all the rest!

Deborah Lippmann 15th Anniversary Nail Trio

AND...... If you are not yet TOTALLY sick of Deborah Lippmann posts, then you might be interested in this set that Elle UK posted on Instagram

So in love with this 15th anniversary nail trio by@deborahlippmann. #DLCelebrates15

Deborah Lippmann Mini Nail Polish Music Box

So since it seems like its all about Deborah Lippmann, I figured I would continue on that trend and post this. Allure Magazine posed this image a couple of weeks ago with the following message:
A sneak peek of @deborahlippmann's nail polish music box. A limited edition set of all new shades out in September to celebrate her brand's 15th anniversary#DLCelebrates15 #nailpolish

And then cassiepowney took to instagram to post some swatches!

And THEN........ philippapearne also took to instagram to post the swatches. These must have been taken at the same preview/store or whatever because its the same fan of swatches.

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Mystery Collection From Deborah Lippmann?

And since today is Deborah Lippmann day on the blog or so it seems, here is a pic that was instagram-ed by mailmovement. She claims this collection is already available worldwide, yet I have no info on the name of the collection, or ANYTHING related to it, so who knows? Id love some imput if you have or have not seen this, or even if you know what the collection is!!!

New York Marquee Collection For Deborah Lippmann

From In Style Magazine:
All in a day’s work! InStyle Beauty Assistant Sarah Weir tested out Deborah Lippmann’s brand-new collection “New York Marquee” (out on August 1), inspired by the sights and sounds of N.Y.C., by dipping each digit into a different candy-colored shade.

Photo credit: Sarah Balch for
And here is a photo taken off of instagram. This set was just released in the UK. I THINK the original photo was posted by feeplaya 

New Deborah Lippmann Ulta Exclusives!

So its seems there are two brand new polishes from Deborah Lippmann that are exclusive to Ulta. Or at least, one new and one repromoted shade. The above shade is the brand new Champagne Supernova which is a glitter polish retailing for $20 and the below was originally spotted in the HBO Girls set and is Marnie which is a pale pink cream retailing for $18.

80’s Rewind Collection For Deborah Lippmann Summer 2014 - Swatched

So today I have for you three of the six polishes from the new Summer Rewind Collection from Deborah Lippmann. Maniac, She Drives Me Crazy and Video Killed The Radio Star. 

As you can see, the promo shots are actually quite close to reality, though I guess that is not too hard to do with creme shades.

My next manicure (tomorrow) is going to be one hand Maniac with my ring finger painted in She Drives Me Crazy and the other hand in She Drives Me Crazy with a ring finger of Maniac. I think....

Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Skincare Offerings From Garnier

I will admit it. I am a skincare snob. I do not use/wont use drugstore skincare. It is not because I think that there is anything wrong with it, and not because I think department store products are automatically better. Its because 95% of ALL skincare does not work for me. I get break outs, cystic acne and chemical burns from even the stuff made for sensitive skin. So for me to shell out for ANY skincare of ANY kind, it is not without trying it first or if need be an ironclad ability to return said product. That usually leaves me at Sephora, The Bay and Holt Renfrew.

But..............  hmmmmmmm.........

Micellar water is becoming all the rage lately. Basically Micellar water is just simply a surfucntant (remember me discussing this in relation to haricare?) suspended in water. In this case its basically just water and oil mixed together. The surfucntant (the main ingredient in soap, shampoo and other cleansers - the thing that usually makes the bubbles) is what causes the oil and the water to mix and not separate like oil and water otherwise do. So basically, its water with oil suspended in it using surfunctants. But don't worry. The surfunctants are very mild and merely used to bind the water and oil. So they are in small quantities.

Considering that its simply a cleaning water, I am very interested in trying these. I find little chances of it doing harm to my skin, and if it works, its a great budget option. If not, well, you will likely here me bitch about it here!

Have you seen either of these products yet? If so have you tried one? Or do you WANT to try one? Let me know in the comments below!

Ciate Paint Pot In Apple And Custard

There is really not much to say about this polish. Its a gorgeous pastel mint green cream. Formula is fantastic. Polish is just the right formula, glides on smoothly, and its actually rather unique in my stash surprisingly enough!

Bonne Mine Face Stick Colors and Body Bronzers For Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Stick Face Colour is a sheer, blendable cream face colour that provides natural looking colour and gives skin a “Bonne Mine” healthy glow. Wake up your skin with a healthy glow. These sheer, blendable sticks give skin natural-looking colour with a “no-makeup” radiance that looks soft and sun-kissed. Luminous shades for cheeks and face transform skin into radiant, glowing skin. 4 luminous shades.
So there are four new Bonne Mine Face Sticks for Laura Mercier in Bronze Glow Peach Glow, Coral Glow and Pink Glow. I KNOW I need the coral, but actually kind of like the pink and peach also! Uh Oh! Also a new limited Edition Radiance Baked Body Bronzers! At least that I can pass on!

A Look Back Over The Past Year

I worked at my last job for almost five years. And hated it. I literally can't count how many managers came and went (I can name 14 off the top of my head, but know I am missing some), the inconsistencies in how people were treated was almost laughable, I was told that I had to lighten up and not take things so seriously when my manager called me a dirty Jew (yeah, the regional manager actually said that), and found out only when I got really sick that only management qualified for sick leave. In order to keep getting a paycheck my manager at the time (this one I liked) laid me off so I could qualify for EI. 

But I was lazy and never bothered to look for another job. 14 months ago things reached the boiling point and I left. It was a stressful three weeks as I had to go find a new job, but I applied for about 15 jobs online, got 7 interviews and 5 job offers. I am constantly amazed I made the right decision. My job now is perfect while I am in school.

So yes, I went from a part time job I hated (I was full time until I went back to school in September 12) to a full time job that I can actually manage while going to school........ sort of. I have not been able to handle 5 courses, I dropped one each semester. But 5 classes means 5 labs. Sleep is a necessity at SOME point. 

I am still in disbelief at how much a year has changed my life. So yes, the first big thing was the new job.

In November myself and Shivani (of both got press passes to IMATS and off to Toronto I went with a friend. I had a great time with Puneet, our hotel was great, and we got to hang out with Shivani and other beauty bloggers and just have a great time in Toronto!  

The other big thing about that trip was that I got to hang out with THESE amazing women! Its funny how you can spend SOOOO much time in an online community with people and talk daily about EVERYTHING and never have met in person. We talk about everything and in some ways I think we know each other better than we do our coworkers and friends we see in person, probably because all we CAN do is talk and get to know each other. So to actually be able to all meet up was certainly a highlight!

I did have to run back from Toronto in time to go to the Beauty Gala Leigh and I had tickets to! IMATS one weekend, the Beauty Gala the next! We graduated high school 15 years ago? Its nice to have that friend who you've known for longer than you HAVEN'T known her!

I couldn't post the highlights of the year without mentioning meeting Colin Mochrie. My new job has given me the opportunity to meet quite a few celebrities, but this one was the highlight. I have been a big fan of his for years and years.

So that was November and December, and January brought another IMATS opportunity. So armed with a press pass to IMATS and plans to go with one of my favourite people, I hopped on a plane to Los Angeles! L picked me up at the airport and the entire weekend was just about perfect. L got sick with the flu on the last day though, and I could have done without that happening!

I had to add the picture of me and Nikki!

And here is a pic of L and I at Universal Studios that weekend!

February and March were long and did I mention looooooong? So much school work and projects and lab assignments it was really a big blur. I cant even remember anything from them!

But I also knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel and the beginning of April meant NYC!! And NYC means family and friends and just relaxing! I could add IMATS pictures from the NYC show here, or the pictures or videos of me at the Cosmetic Market (my fav store in the city) or even me making my own lipstick at the Bite Beauty Lab, but a picture of me and some of my favourite cousins seems much better to me.

And after a relaxing ten days in NYC to destress and relax, it was off to Vegas for a week of FUN with A!

Me in the High Roller, I am only about 550 feet up in the air here!

A picture with Siegfried! If only Roy was there!

And here are me and A at the top of the Eiffel Tower. If only it was the one in France......... And if only the wind wasn't blowing my sweater open to make me look pregnant.........

And now its May. A big celebration for my brothers engagement just happened (I dont want to post a bunch of family shots here as my parents would hunt me down and kill me) but that just ended, and the summer is starting!

So much has happened in this past school year, and the summer promises so much more! While I have been at my no-longer-so-new job for 14 months, we officially opened a year ago tomorrow and have a big celebration at work to commemorate the anniversary.  I leave to go back to LA in 6 weeks for L's wedding and then I only have a month back home before heading back to Toronto for my brothers my wedding. Amazing how much has happened, how much is happening and I all I have to say is BRING IT ON!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Collection For Quo By Orly

From left to right: Heatwave (shimmering red), Summer Fling (hot pink), Electrified (bright orange), Overboard (lime green with bar glitter), Simmered  (grape shimmer) Infused (deep violet) .

These retail for $10 each and should be in Shoppers Drug Mart stores now!  

Ciate Paint Pot in Pool Party Swatches & Comparisons to Sailor

Yes, another freaking gorgeous blue shade! A bright blue cream!

Are you thinking it looks like Sailor? It sure does. Its about two shades lighter and a shade brighter but the normal person (read: I am not normal) certainly does not need both!


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