Friday, June 27, 2014

My Polish Stash - 3 Melmers OVER FULL! Post Purge!

So I recently did a BIG purge and clean up and realized (ok, I didn't realize. I have been told. OVER and OVER and OVER again) that its been two years since showing my stash! So here we go, short and sweet, took 3 hours just to photograph it all!



Deborah Lippmann:


Essie & Lise Watier:

Cult Nails (and a SYN Cosmetics):


Cheeky Monkey:

Le Metier De Beaute:


Lancome, Estee Lauder, RGB & YSL:


Formula X:

Ceramic Glaze:

Marc Jacobs & Pantone Universe:

Butter London (yes, I do have all the tops, but for storage purposes, its easier to see each colour without the square caps on!):


Clarins, Givenchy, Bobbi Brown, Orlane, Laura Mercier, Manglaze, Ozotics, Glittergal, BB, Tarina Tarantino & A England:




China Glaze:


Rococo Nail, W.I.C & Leighton Denny:


Nails Inc:

Models Own:

And the drawer that makes me sick to my stomach when I open .Its SUCH a mess. BAH!





F4, Girly Bits, Nerd Lacquer and a few other odd indies:

Dance Legends & Catherine Arley:

Essence, Australis, Nivia & P2:

Orly & Quo:

And my Juleps (minus about 50 not yet logged in my list):


  1. Awesome collection! I have an ever growing nail polish addiction...I mean collection, lol. I find that I'm running out of room and places to store them all. Besides boxes or drawers, do you have any storage suggestions?

    1. I dont like the look of open racks. And the then having to dust them part. But for me, these drawers I would not recommend. I really want to get an ALEX unit from ikea to store all my polishes! As soon as I have a few weeks where I am not flying off somewhere. California in two weeks, then Toronto 8 weeks later, then Vegas a few weeks after that. My budget and my wallet are both crying at the moment.

    2. Thanks! I'll check out IKEA and see what they've got that would work for me.

  2. Okay I wish I only had that much. I have 5 9 drawer Alex's from Ikea full. Same as you very few drugstore brands (ones that have been gifted to me) more high end but I love my Zoyas you would have to pry my 3 drawers away from me. I have donated 3 times to the women's shelter this year and 4 last year but I have separation issues! Come purge mine I have issues lol yet at the same time I'm thinking if you ever want to purge any of the kohs, chanel's or dior's please pm me lol Tina

    1. I always love seeing your posts about recent acquisitions and I would LOVE to see your stash in its entirety! Talk about nail polish porn!

    2. I haven't done many haul pictures after the Dior Gel Massacre where I got attacked. I should because I feel like by not posting they are winning but I"m still leery of posting

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the pictures! You have a lovely stash. :)

  4. Wow seriously awesome girl I love it!

    I've got 5 Helmers and keep thinking I should get photos like this - maybe one day :-)

  5. WOW!!!!! What an awesome collection!!!!!!! I love it!!

  6. I loved looking at your collection! How do you organize them within the helmers? By color? Name?

  7. I will take pictures of all my stash but yours is pretty impressive. I will pm you my pictures be prepared 5 9 drawer alex's! I will take group photos of my chanel, diors and maybe one other there are way too many for group shots! I love your tiny Le Meiters so cute! I bought cheeky monkeys when I first started but haven't bought any lately and you know kohs steal my heart maybe that will be the third group photo! I also have a 3 drawer storage of drug store brands and some indies lol

  8. Amazing stash, Shayna! Thanks for sharing your pretties with us.

  9. I never thought to use the Sephora boxes for nail polish! great idea :)



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