Tuesday, December 31, 2013

FIRST EVER New Years Resolution

Hey everyone! Today is the day I make my FIRST EVER new years resolution. I never do them. In general I think they are kind of silly. We always say things to ourselves like "I want to do this, or get better at that". What makes January 1st suddenly the day you are magically going to follow through? If you are me, the answer is its not. 

But.......... I want it to be as loud, and as public as possible. I want to be held accountable for this.

I am going to be taking a big jar and keeping it in my room. I want the VISUAL reminder of this daily. And I want to SEE the money grow!

So throughout the year, PLEASE post a message. "How is the 52 weeks of saving going?". You can post the message here, on my facebook, or tweet me! 

I am determined to have a jar in my room one year from today with $1378.00. And not the same part that is earmarked for tuition! 

Anyone want to join me in this challenge?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Great Budget Friendly Lip Liner - Swatches!

So I recently reorganized and totally cleaned out my stash. One thing I found myself completely lacking (as in COMPLETELY) was lip liners. Not sure where to go, but assuming that finding one that was soft and buttery and melted into the lips would be as hard as finding eyeliners like that. Urban Decay is one of the few brands that has a pencil that feels more like a solid stick of creme than it does a hard pencil.

Enter GOSH Velvet Touch Lip Liners. What made me pick these up? I have no idea. Its not like I have extensive familiarity with the makeup line. Though I do LOVE LOVE LOVE my foundation that I sadly found after it was discontinued here in Canada. But yes, I decided to pick up a selection of shades to start off with.

From top to bottom above (or left to right below) I picked up Wild Cherry (a nice pink with a bit of purple tones to it), Nougat Crisp (a neutral) and Simply Red (a bright red). I have no idea why I picked up a bright red. I dont wear red lips. Basically EVER. But I for some reason figured I needed it? Not sure. Pleading a temporary bout of insanity.

As for how these feel? They feel like Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners. That is the best way I can describe them. Buttery soft, and more like a sold creme than anything else. Overall, I think these are really good and while not MOISTURIZING, they aren't drying either. They also could be totally used as an all over lip colour with a gloss over top. The best part? Theses pencils are only TEN DOLLARS!!!!!!!

Have you tried these before? Which is your favourite colour? Do you have another brand you love for lip liners? Let me know in the comments below! Id love more suggestions! These are the only three I own! I clearly need to try some more!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul!

So I ran in to the LUSH store today hoping to score some bath products. I know this is a LOT, but I try to buy enough to get me through an entire year. I do pick up the odd seasonal item to review and show to you guys, but in general, this is what I have to last me until next boxing day. 

Now here is what I picked up this morning: 

OOPS! Forgot to add these two bubble bars!

Now I am one who normally refuses to pick up pre wrapped gifts. You pay EXTRA for the wrapping and the box, and I would rather just buy individually and get more for my money. BUT..... What I realized this year are that there are things in the gifts that are NON seasonal and thus exempt from the sale if purchased individually.

So I picked up two of the Snowman Invasion (though these were 100% seasonal items. Not sure why I picked these up!

Inside was a snowman and a cinders bath bomb!

I got two of the zing packages! These were $16.95 each. And buy one get one free.

Now inside is 70grams of the Ocean Salt which I LOVE! But I am too cheap to buy! So it retails for 21.95 for 120 grams. Meaning a 70 gram tub would be $12.80. So for the two boxes, you get $25.60 worth of Ocean Salt AND I got two bars of soap that retail for $7.95 each! And to my mom went the soap!

Next I got two of the Mr. Frosty snowmen!

Golden Wonder bath bomb, Bombardini bath bomb and a Cinders Bath Bomb are what are inside him. Again, all seasonal, but how could I buy the mommy and the child without the father? I am NOT creating broken homes here! NOPE! Not during the holidays. That would just be MEAN!

Mrs. Frosty Snowman!

Butterball bath bomb, The Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb and a Comforter bubble bar are what are housed in the mama! Both the butterball and the comforter are non seasonal and thus exempt from the promo. So at a retail cost of $16 for those two items alone, $23.95 for two sets of these was good with me!  Plus two of the $6.95 luxury lush puds which I really liked!

And then the baby!

Inside was another Butterball bath bomb and a Father Christmas bath bomb. Now this only has a $11.40 in value, but at $16.95 for two sets, I saved $5 which was essentially getting the Butterball for free. See what I mean though about paying more for the wrapping? Its cute, but paying SEVEN DOLLARS for the cloth seems excessive. Even if it IS adorable!

So that was what I got! That and a few massage bars for my mom that I already gave to her! What about you? Did you take part in the sale? What was in YOUR haul? Let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Balm CUSTOM Palettes!

Thats right! The Balm is coming out with build your own palettes!! Insert crowds cheering and people screaming now! I LOVE eyeshadows from The Balm! The only problem I really have is that the palettes in general either have cream products (the Bon Jovi palette for instance. GRR!!) or like the Meet Matte palettes I only like half the shades. I am ALWAYS a fan of the build your own system, and with the price point of these, I am an even bigger fan!

The palette are either 9 pan or 16 pan palettes and cost $8 or $10 each (obviously the 9 pan is the cheaper one). The top image is of the nine pan palettes and the lower picture are the 16 pan options.

Now, obnoxiously, the shades are only numbered. Just like Inglot. And just like Inglot, I fricken HATE when shadows are only numbered. But I guess you cant have it all. Each shadow retails for $6.50 but you get a MAJOR discount if you fill a pan when you buy it. If you buy a filled 9 pan, the cost is $44 instead of $66.50 and if you buy a filled 16 pan you only pay $64 instead of $116! Talk about great deals for a palette that you know is 100% shades YOU love.

So what do you guys think? Are you as excited about this as I am? I love palettes as I find they are just easier to use and as much as I buy singles thinking I will use them, I ALWAYS end up neglecting them. The downside of palettes is you are almost guaranteed to have shades in them that you don't like or don't use. Build your own palettes are to me the PERFECT option. When they don't cost you $100 for a build your own quad like Urban Decay ones do! Seriously, why would I pay ONE HUNDRED FRICKEN DOLLARS for an Urban Decay quad? At that price, you can buy a Le Metier De Beaute kaleidoscope or buy a Dior or Chanel quint and have money left over. But I am off topic. I will end the UD rant here!

Please, let me know what you think. Are you feeling these?

What Is A Silk Finish Polish? A Satin?

So this month Julep came out with, I will admit it, a fairly boring colour selection of polishes. In the gloomy and cold January I would hope for something fun and bright to rid us of the January Blahs..... Like the past years with resort collections. But I couldn't right off the month because the finishes were just oh so pretty. And I needed to get my hands on the pretty silk and satin finished polishes. Now if you don't like these finishes, but like the colours, don't fret! Just put a shiny top coat and you have a pretty creme. But I am for one looking forward to getting the non cremes. 

To help you out if you aren't quite familiar with the terms, Julep created this nice poster!

The satin polishes this month are Mae and Hope,
And the silk polishes this month are Abigail, Noelle and Farrah

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sephora Boxing Day Promotion 2013

Totally NOT digging the fine print on this boxing day sale. It says 2 boxing day specials per person. I am REALLY hoping that that means two of each per person? I can dream, right? Soon as Sephora posts WHAT the $12 deals are, I will be sure to let you all know!

Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm The One Collection For Illamasqua Valentines Day 2014

Illamasqua has a new valentines day collection coming out. I must say I kind of am torn. On the one hand, its red. Boring. Nothing exciting. On the other hand, its valentines day. What can we really expect? I should be happy its not pink. The nail polish does look interesting in the promo shots though, so I will withhold judgement.

Laura Mercier Holiday Sets! Artists Palette & Luxe Stickgloss Set Swatched!

I happened to pick up both the Laura Mercier Artists Palette For Eyes and the Lipstick set after they were already sold out online. Because it was gone from online I was not planning on swatching these for you but since I got so many requests, here goes!

I love the leather case its in!

And here are the shades. In it is a good mix of matte and non matte shades in purples and neutrals. I am actually really digging this palette and am really glad I managed to get my hands on it!

As always, these are just one swatch with a finger, no base, no brush, no anything to help or intensify the colours!

Now this set was a fantastic deal! It was I think...... $60? It was cheaper to buy this than it was to buy three lipsticks, thats for sure. And in it come 4 full sized lipsticks. Three Stickglosses and a Sheer Lip Colour come in this set. The stick glosses are a cross between a lipgloss and lipstick. Think of a very sheer hydrating lip colour. The sheer lipstick simply that. A sheer lipstick. And in this set you get three of the four stickglosses so I think its quite a nice way to try most of them out. And since they each retail for $25, its a great deal for $100 worth of product.

All four of these are nudes and berries, and are all on the sheer side.

From left to right, Baby Lips (a rose toned nude), Courtisane (frosted finish nude with pink and gold undertones),  Peony (deep purple toned nude muted down with the frost finish) and  Brown Sugar (a cool toned nude with a slight mauve undertone).

All four of these are available individually at a price of $25 each!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

INGLOT Freedom System Eyeshadow Swatches - Only 140 Of Them!

So once more I have some AMAZING photos to share with you! I am so thrilled to be able to share these with you all and can't thank Elizabeth enough for allowing me to share her swatches! Now I showed you the blushes last week, this week, how about 140 GORGEOUS, PIGMENTED eyeshadows? Yes? OK! 

First up, palette one has the colours 06, 430, 403, 27, 60, 474, 45, 26, 61, 483, 428, 388, 67, 482, 68, 480, 426, 415, 13 and 28

Next up, palette two, we have the shadows numbered: 48, 495, 50, 361, 368, 29, 362, 382, 449, 493, 39, 39, 392, 40, 441, 464, 55, 379, 379 and 428.

And here is palette number three! In this one are the shades 16, 41, 59, 477, 58, 32, 412, 56, 471, 44, 57, 418, 414, 17, 413, 419, 10, 407, 15 and 51

And now palette four. I know! It NEVER ends! So many more to go! Not even halfway done!! Here are shades 352, 46, 467, 397, 351, 30, 395, 463, 393, 34, 34, 43, 09, 049, 390, 461, 31, 360, 402 and 37.

And next up is palette 5! In this one we have the shades 446, 452, 450, 498, 439, 433, 405, 406, 404, 422, 448, 451, 454, 399, 445, 07, 11, 08, 21 and 25

Can I just say how FRIGGEN GORGEOUS these 10 shades are? I just cant get over how gorgeous these ten look together. I think this would be the PERFECT palette and I may have to make this one also. Though I wouldn't wear the one on the end, 439. Might replace that one with 445 or something? Hmmm...... To think about!

And now, palette 6. In this palette are the shades 440, 74, 487, 452, 75, 72, 66, 14, 71, 22, 73, 491, 494, 447, 36, 18, 23, 47, 498 and 65.

And last but not least, palette number seven! This one has the shades 37, 12, 421, 54, 42, 52, 457, 409, 501, 502, 460, 459, 363, 59, 423, 378, 348, 62, 64 and 63.

Phew! That was A LOT of shadows! Did this help you decide on any? Or make you as confused as I am? Its kind of like that Japanese show my little brother used to be obsessed with. What was it called? Pokeman? The tagline "Gotta Catch Em All"? Anyone else kind of think that applies to these shadows? Or just me?


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