Friday, October 31, 2014

Essie Vending Machines!

I wish I loved Essie polish! I find that they are thinner than I like, I find them inconsistent, and overall, I just cant justify the $$ on a polish that I am so underwhelmed by. That being said, man do I wish I loved them! How cool is this?! 100% GUARANTEE that no one tests out the polish you are about to buy. I have seen the Sephora vending machines, and I have seen the Benefit ones, but this is a new one for me!

Each Essie vending machine will be stocked with a total of 42 shades from the permanent lineup, along with six seasonal colors that will rotate out every time a new collection launches.

Currently Essie has vending machines at the Jet Blue in JFK (BAH! I am ALWAYS in the United/Air Canada terminal), The Oakland International Airport (not sure when or why I would ever end up there), with Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and a few luxury shopping centers in California already scheduled. 

Marc Jacobs The Sky-Liner Petite Highliner Collection Swatched!

I have a new favourite liner. Its true. No disrespect to the UD 24/7 liner, but these liners trump them. Now this is a mini set, but it totally confused me as .01oz is listed as the size of the full sized and these mini ones. That makes no sense. The real numbers are as follows. Full-sized eyeliners are 0.5g/0.01 oz. and the minis are in this set are 0.37g/0.01 oz.  0.37g is 0.0131 oz. and 0.5g is actually 0.0176 oz. So they are about 75% of the size of a the normal ones.

Now one thing to be mindful of. When I opened the blue liner, there was no liner inside! I took the set back to Sephora and they exchanged it no problem. But make sure there is a gel lead inside each pencil!

These are gel pencils. They are so buttery smooth and even I can apply these easily. They are the easiest and effortless pencils I have ever used, and that is saying A LOT! I usually need two shots to get an easy line with the Urban Decay liners. Yes, I am THAT bad at applying liner. But with these, I am a pro!

From left to right, O(vert), Brown(out), Sunset, Midnight in Paris, Th(ink), (Plum)age and Blacquer, with two shades–Midnight in Paris and Sunset being exclusive to this set.

Each shade glides on the skin effortlessly (unless you sneeze while swatching the black one, oops!) and they are smudge proof and water proof.

Here is an idea of the size of the liner. They are small, but it seems like the lead (gel, liner whatever you call it) goes all the way through it.

Charlotte Tilbury Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection

I have not yet had the pleasure of trying out any products from the Charlotte Tilbury line, but the gorgeousness of the holiday collection is sure making me itch to try it!

Charlotte Tilbury The Supermodel Look
Inspired by the divine supermodels of the 1990s to the current icons of the catwalk, this look is for women who understand the power of the ultimate smoky eye paired with the perfect nude look. It’s the ultimate, most-beautiful look – everyone looks good in it. Includes: Luxury Palette in The Fallen Angel, K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Confession and Lip Lustre in Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Charlotte Tilbury Genius Talking Gift Box
Gift the ultimate in “makeup made easy” with this exclusive talking video box. Combining the vintage wonder of an old-fashioned Ballerina jewelry box, and the technological ease of an iPad, you can watch, learn and apply makeup just by opening the lid. Charlotte shares her secrets step-by-step, bringing her artistry to your fingertips. For a limited time only, you can get The Supermodel Look – the perfect smoky eye that looks good on every skin tone. Includes: The Supermodel (Luxury Palette in The Fallen Angel, K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Confession, Lip Lustre in Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (or L.S.D), Cheek to Chic Blush in Sex on Fire, Rock ‘N’ Kohl Eye Pencil in Bedroom Black, Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk and Full Fat Lashes Mascara

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms
Cute and covetable mini K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipsticks that fit in your clutch or back pocket – no makeup bag needed. It’s a perfect, pocket-sized lipstick touch-up for anywhere – from the boardroom to the beach or the red carpet! Shades include: So Marilyn, Penelope Pink and Bitch Perfect

Charlotte Tilbuery Winter Makeup Bag
Charlotte has created the perfect winter case in a patent, Night Crimson finish that wipes clean to last all year-long. Much like the original bag, the front is adorned in secret celebrity kisses, now in rose gold. A new celebrity kiss has been added to the latest design – however, it’s top secret, so we’ll never reveal whose stolen kiss it is.

FACE MASK FRIDAY - Bliss No Zit Sherlock Breakout Busting Rubberizing Mask

I got this Bliss facial treatment from TJ Maxx  for $14.99. I was interested to try this out. Inside this box is 6 face masks, 6 tongue compressors and a measuring cup.

So I grabbed one of each and got to work. I have to say, I prefer masks such as the glamglow that are ready to go. This make your own just doesn't do it for me.

I grabbed a small bowl from the kitchen and poured in the powder.

And the water:

And started to mix.

No matter how much or how long I mixed, I could not get out all the lumps. After reading other reviews though, that seems the norm and irrelevant to the final results.

This made a TON of product and would have been enough for two faces easily. Possibly three. And trust me, I put it on THICK

And all of this was left over

 The thinner areas dried well, but after forty minutes the rest still looked wet, though it felt dry. 

It really came off fairly easily and as per instructions I did not let any of it go down the drain, and threw it all in the garbage can. 

And the aftermath. I have to say I really noticed no difference. It felt cool on the skin, and the tea tree oil smell was nice,  but thats really all I can say about it. If anything, I feel like it made my skin worse. It almost felt like it brought up stuff to the surface without pulling it out making my skin look slightly worse?

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Just wanted to say Happy Halloween everyone! Have fun, and be safe!

I liked the above picture far more than this one, which was the runner up for Halloween pics!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bobbi Brown Deluxe Lip & Eye Palette

What it is:
A double-decker tortoise shell palette with an array of creamy lip colors and eye shadows for a range of day-to-evening eye looks.

What it does:
All of the shades in this deluxe eye shadow and lip palette have been hand-picked by Bobbi Brown herself. In shades that flatter all skin tones, it is the perfect holiday accessory for anyone. This set lets you create subtle to standout looks that are gorgeous on all skin tones, and they’re just right for anyone who wants to sweep on a number of day-to-evening looks—and the mini eye shadow and lip brush offer easy application on the go.

This set contains: - 8 x 0.35 oz Eye shadows in Ivory (creamy white), Sandy Rose Metallic (silver plum mauve), Chiffon Sparkle (pale gold), Antique Rose (rosy brown), Malted (soft grey-brown), Bronzed Pink Metallic (mid-tone shimmering pink), Cream Metallic (shimmering creamy white), Black Chocolate Eye (rich black brown)
- 8 x 0.15 oz Creamy Lip Color in Pink Sequin (sheer pinky peach), Pale Mauve (sheer pink mauve), Blue Raspberry (blue raspberry pink), Black Cherry (rich berry red), Pale Beige (nude pinky beige), Coral Pink (bright warm pink), Pink Blossom (mid-tone blue pink), Rose Garden (mid-tone shimmer rose)
- Mini eye shadow and lip brush

Julep Duos Presale Info & Swatches!

Last of the holiday pre sale sets I promise! This is the end of the Julep posts today!!

Two bottles of Julep polish + a bottle of champagne + your BFF = one excellent night.
  • Irina (Classic with a Twist): Dark pink peony silk
  • Noelle (Boho Glam): Sandy beach silk

If you’re going to stay out late, indulge in one more glass of champagne, and dance like crazy (which you totally should), you’ll need a nail look that shines all night long.
Duo includes:
  • Amira (Bombshell): Silver chunky holographic glitter top coat
  • Kristy (Boho Glam): Midnight blue crème 

The best way to kick start your holiday spirit? Start playing around with fun, gorgeous nail looks.
  • Neely (It Girl): Sparkling cranberry full-coverage glitter
  • Nic (Bombshell): Black crimson crème

This delicious duo will satisfy your craving for a super sweet nail look.
  • Ruth (It Girl): Golden purple iridescent jagged-cut glitter glaze
  • Padma (Classic with a Twist): Royal plum crème

Just For Yule, Festival Of Lights & Ma Cherie Holiday Sets Previews With Swatches

Go full-on festive with green, white, and red.
  • Emer (Boho Glam): Evergreen shimmer
  • Brigitte (Classic with a Twist): Bright white crème 
  • Myrtle (Classic with a Twist): Flapper red crème

Add some sparkle to your French tips with this chic trio.
  • Camille (Classic with a Twist): Full coverage opalescent white multidimensional glitter
  • Jennifer (Classic with a Twist): Sheer soft pink crème
  • Nicolette (Bombshell): Opaque French white

Hooray for Hanukkah! Grab this trio and look forward to eight nights of gorgeous nail looks.
  • Missy (It Girl): Titanium metallic
  • Nicolette (Bombshell): Opaque French white
  • Monaco (Bombshell): Dazzling mariner blue crème


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