Wednesday, November 27, 2013

16 Shades of Beige Collection For Clinique Spring 2014

I was super excited when I first saw the promo adds for the 16 shades of beige collection. As I can assume you can all guess, I saw that palette and went "OMG!! I need that!!". So I immediately called the Clinique counter where I was to be having my makeup done in a few days and put one on hold. Fast forward to the day of the event, I hated my makeover so much I said forget the palette. I don't want it anymore. Yes, it could be used in a million and one other ways than the way my makeup had been done, but I was over it. Its now been 2 weeks and I am no longer angered by looking at the palette and thought I would share it with you all. The pigment on it is fine, the palette is nice. Not much else to say about it. The palette costs $40 and is available at The Bay both in stores and online!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shop For A Cause...

So last Saturday (the 16th) was the annual Beauty Gala at The Bay to raise funds for the Look Good Feel Better Campaign. Tickets were $10 with $8 redeemable in free product. My mom booked the makeovers and I said to book them anywhere other than Dior or Chanel (I sadly DID give her those directions. I figured I would be buying quite a bit of Dior and Chanel product in Toronto and probably didn't need anymore. Ironically all I purchased was from those two brands that night.

My mom scheduled our makeovers for Clinique. I thought that would be super easy because even if I didn't find any product that I wanted, I could ALWAYS buy moisturizer or clarifying lotion since I can always use that. My makeover was TERRIBLE. I mean, HORRIBLE. The makeup artist asked me nothing about likes or dislikes, said nothing the entire time, and when I asked what product he was using he snapped "concealer". I KNEW it was concealer. I was wondering WHICH concealer, but yeah....... That was about how the ENTIRE makeover went. My makeup looked HORRIBLE. I think I had 6 inches of eyeliner on my already small eyes, my mom said I looked like a hooker (though she often thinks that so that might not be saying much!) and I was ready to cry. I bought NOTHING. Not even the neutral palette I had put on hold.

I then walked by the Dior counter where the makeup artist there kind of laughed. "interesting eye makeup......" she said. I told her it had just been done by Harold at Clinique and I HATED IT. She offered to redo my makeup even though she was off and had already stayed late. THANK GOODNESS. I really loved what she did and got to watch a balloon artist do this while she worked on me:

Is that the coolest balloon animal or what? Balloon hulk! I ended up buying the concealer brush she used, the eye shadow quint and the blush. There was a gift with purchase when you spent $200 so I am not sure how, but the holiday palette just snuck in the bag as well. I am blaming someone else.

And if you spent $100 during the event you also got this set of three makeup bags.

You have already seen the Chanel powder I got that night, so that along with this was the entire haul of the night. Not too bad if you ask me, and thankfully the super awesome makeup artist from Dior was able to save the night as we were all going out for dinner after the event!

Diorblush In 876 Happy Cherry & 756 Rose Cherie Swatches/Review

So I have been feeling for quite a while that I am just not satisfied with my stash when it comes to blushes. I showed you all the Marc Jacobs blush recently, and I picked up quite a few others recently as well. These two Dior ones, as well as two creme Chanel blushes and a new Chanel powder one.

The shades I got were Happy Cherry and Rose Cherie. As always they come in these little velvet pouches that are just great for storing jewelry in when travelling.

And these compacts are the EXACT same casing as the 5 colour palettes from the brand if that gives you an idea of size.


And these are the colours. Rose Cherie on the left is a coral shade with shimmer. Its shimmer is quite obvious in the pan and swatched, yet very subtle and barely there on the cheeks. Happy Cherry is a bright pink that reminded me of the rosy glow blush by Dior but goes on much less sheer. Its a bright pink, while still looking quite natural when sheered out.

Rose Cherie (first swatched heavily to see the shade, then more as I would actually wear it):

Happy Cherry (first swatched heavily to see the shade, then more as I would actually wear it):

I do really like these, though you do have to have a light hand. I have certainly learned that some makeup brushes work better than others for these! But its nice to have some more options in my stash!  Stay tuned for many more reviews and swatches coming up in the next few weeks! I AM getting through my Toronto haul and Beauty gala reviews, slowly but surely!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Trianon Collection For Spring 2014

I thought I would share with you all the preview of the new new Trianon Collection from Dior for spring 2013. 

Dior Vernis - in #204 Porcelain, #457 Bouquet, #777 Bloom & Dior Vernis Trianon Edition in #187 Perle

Dior Blush Trianon Edition in #763 Coral Bagatelle and #946 Pink Reverie. I am so in love with both shades I picked up from the pernanent line, I am sure I will need to get these two as well!

Cinq Couleur Trianon Edition in #234 Pastel Fantasy and #954 Pink Pompadou. Can I just cheer that I dont want either of these quints?

DiorShow Mono Trianon Edition in #170 Angelic and #427 Opaline

Trianon Palette in #01 Favourite and #02 Coquette - dont ask me which is which!

DiorShow Fusion Mono Matte in #121 Celeste, #641 Fantasy, #721 Son Jour and #761 Mirage

Rouge Dior in #254 Rose Diadem, #531 Rose Crinoline, #761 Courtesan and #744 Alegrace, Rouge Dior Serum de Rouge in #530 Lace Coral Serum and Dior Addict Lip Glow in #4 Coral

Dior Addict Gloss in #122, #382, #442 and #722

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Limtied Edition Bumble and Bumble Spray Chalk

Is it wrong that I am TOTALLY digging these and kind of want them? These are limited edition and they are NOT cheap ($19 on the Sephora website) but I still kind of want them. I know I just got the hair chalk, and I don't NEED these, but this seems like a faster way to get the job done. I am ASSUMING that Sephora will still send out the $20 gift cards to all us VIB girls (maybe more to us Rouge members? Or is that wishful thinking?) and maybe this is what I will use it on? We will see!

Ulta Black Friday Deals!

If I thought Sephora black Friday sales were underwhelming, then Ulta deals downright put me to sleep. There is NOTHING here that makes me want to jump up and run to the store. Or even roll over and turn my ipad on to be honest. 

Bare Minerals Kits - Up to $44 in value and they are on for $10

Benefit Lip Loto - $54 value for $18 (three full sized lipsticks, this is actually a good deal if it interests you)

Red Carpet Manicure Pro Starter Kit $79.99 regular priced, on for $49.99

OPI Cheers To The Holidays set - $7.50  for a $12.95 value.

Philosophy Sweet Fluffy Cupcake 3-1 regular $16.50 for $10

And the crappiest of all last but not least, ULTA Starry Lights Light-Up Blockbuster for $16.00 for a supposedly $200 value.

Are you guys excited by this? Am I the only one who thinks these sales are totally crappy and disappointing for a BLACK FRIDAY kind of sale?

Sephora Black Friday Sale

So I thought I would post a break down of all the deals that are being offered for black Friday! These are $12 each ($10 for you American readers) and are available in different places. Please pay attention to the items that are online only, as many of them are!


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