Thursday, June 5, 2014

May 2014 Glossybox Reveal and Review

So I have made one or two posts about this box already. I figured with a $25 gift card it was a sure bet at $21. Now I hadn't at the time realized the gift card expired so soon (June 15th) and might not have done this had I known that since that gives me only two weeks to run down to the post office box (across the border) and pick this up. Thankfully my father happened to be going the day after it arrived so it worked out well.

This box again is $21 and does not ship to Canada. It also bills at the beginning of the month but ships at the end of the month. I have no personal issue with this (heck, my julep box usually takes til the end of the month to reach me. I am STILL waiting for my May box) but some do so I thought it was worth mentioning.

Because of the collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman we actually knew what was going to be in this box. We were to get 6 items off a list of 13 possibles and were guaranteed one of the two Lancer eye products and one of the two Revive products.

First off I got this gift card. There is no shipping, taxes or other fees when ordering off the website so it was great. I ordered an Oribe Beach Spray for $21.50 which is en route as we speak. So that was something I wanted, would have purchased to try eventually and covered the cost of the box.

The first item was one of the ones I wanted! Its the Napoleon Perdis Primer. A value of $13.24

Next I got the revive serum. I have used this morning and night for two days now and while I like it, the pump is horrible. No matter how hard I try, I cant manage to not pump out enough for at least 6 eyes. What a waste of such a high end product! The value of this is $28.

**edit - day three the pump broke all together. I called glossybox (mainly to see if this was a known problem or if there was a way to fix it) and they are sending me a new one! yay!

Next up is a Light Weight Deep Conditioning Creme Rinse from Phillip B. I will admit I was disappointed to see this in here. I was hoping for the Alterna caviar cc cream and I guess they ran out because this wasn't even supposed to be an option.  That being said, a Blush mystery box introduced me to the Phillip B adjusting hair spray which I really like, so I will give this a chance. Its silicone free so I can use it, and its the full travel size Phillip B sells on the website for $10.

Next up was the Cologne. I freaking HATE rose. HATE rose. HATE HATE HATE HATE. My mom? She loves that god awful scent so this went to her. Nice size to try though from the pictures I had seen of it I was expecting a slightly larger bottle. A $10 value.

The Lancer Eye Contour Lifting Cream I have been using for the last two days over the Revive Serum. Its nice. Its a third the size of the regular one so its a fair amount to get to try it out. As I said, its nice, but I am not sure I would at this point in time be willing to spend $100 on an eye cream. Ten years down the road, possibly. A $32.30 value

This little container of Lancome elixir I can only assume is made by unicorns. At $350 for a mere 1.7oz jar, it better be! I have not tried this, I have no plan on trying this and I simply gave it to my mom saying "I hope you hate it". When she questioned why I would say that I told her the price. I have no urge to even TRY something like this. What if  I loved it? I prefer to remain in complete ignorance. This little sample is a $35! Its seriously the size of my thumb nail. Tiny tiny sample.

The value of this box $130 not including the Oribe product that I ordred. making this box come in over the $150 mark! A great value, and although I think this box was skewed very much towards anti aging and skincare, I certainly got enough to make me happy, if only the conditioner, primer and gift card. Since I am using the serum and eye cream, I really cant complain!

Next months box is said to have a couple polishes in it and if you use the code "HAIR" at sign up you will also get a free FULL SIZED, $50 Nioxin product. I like that these boxes seem to be (at least for your first one) totally risk free. Who cares if you hate everything in the box if you get a $50 product you know you want for $21?

I honestly was going to cancel after getting this box, but I think I will get at least one more box and decide after that! I wont get the free Nioxin product so I will give them a month to see if they can hook me!

Did you get this box? If so, what did YOU get? Would you have been happy with this box?


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