Friday, August 8, 2014

Sephora VIB Exlusive Fresh Ruby Lip Treatment

Yes, I have been on a lip kick lately. I find that I tend to realize my stash is lacking in a certain department (last fall it was blushes) and then go crazy trying to fill in the pieces. The advantage to this is that once I have gone a tad crazy I tend to settle down. I have bought I think 3 blushes in the past 6 months? Hopefully I will shortly get that way with lips. Though I do have quite a few more to pick up first. So many new ones have come out!

So this is remarkably UNREMARKABLE in terms of the Sugar line up from Fresh. The packaging is the same, the smell many love but I really don't like (don't hate it, but certainly don't enjoy it), and the texture of all the rest. If you love the sugar treatments from them (treatment? really? Its a tinted lip balm with SPF) you will equally love this one. If you are indifferent, you will be equally so with this.

The shade is perfect though. Not too pigmented, but certainly shows up on your lips. And if I had not been wearing a Kat Von D liquid lippie that stained my lips (and I mean REALLY stained my lips) I would insert a picture of my wearing this right not. But its a nice red that adds a great tint to the lip. Whether its worth $26 or not......... Not sure. I will certainly wear it however.


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