Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nubar Polka Dots Swatches

Winners. TJ Maxx. Marshalls. What would I do without them? I really don't know. This is another find from there. This was something I saw on a few blogs and filed away in my mind as a 'want' but not a 'need'. I really really love this. I am so happy I found it as I would most likely never have ordered this online.

In the set comes G714 White Polka Dot, G715 Black Polka Dot and sadly T309 Diamont Seal & Shine. I have no urge what so ever for top coat and will most likely add it to a secret-santa type gift at some point. I would  much rather have paid less and only got the two polka dot colours, but I had a gift card for Winners thankfully! I started with a coat of plain black and white crème polishes. I chose Nailtini Cream and Nailtini Espresso as my base.

And here is one coat of White Polka Dot on black and one coat of Black Polka Dot on white! I have NO IDEA why I just though of it now, but how awesome would a red or blue or purple look with one coat of each polka dot shade? Note to self.............

Julep Claire VS Robin And Neesa VS Ashley

I seem to hear a lot of people asking for some comparisons. Julep posted them on their facebook wall recently but it seems I am still getting TONS of requests for Claire VS Robin pics so I thought I would post them here for everyone to see. I only have Neesa and Ashley myself of these four but I plan on ordering Robin and or Claire shortly!!

Robin is the one that is more green/turquoise on the right. Claire is on the left.

And here is Neesa & Ashley!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A England Elaine & Tristam

Confession - I am having a love affair. I LOVE LOVE LOVE A-England. It started innocently enough. I tweeted my simple question "What brand of nail polish will have the best chance of lasting a week?" I was heading out of town, I needed ONE manicure that would LAST!! I have about 2 days if I am lucky before I destroy my manicure. Sad but true. I am to manicures what a sumo wrestler is to a buffet table. Really! The overwhelming response was A England. And lets just say they were all right! And thus started my love affair. 

Elaine is a gorgeous eggplant purple crème. LOVE!!

Tristam is a royal blue holographic bottle of awesomeness.

One coat each! STUNNING!!! And they LAST!!

A Gift From My Brother & Dior Bikini - In Action!!!

So I turned 31 years young a couple weeks ago and my brother who lives across the country from me sent me an AMAZINGLY thoughtful birthday gift. I got this message from him the week before my birthday:

I know that your birthday isn't today. It's Saturday. Cinco de Mayo and all. But I wanted to let you know that there's a gift card waiting for you at the front desk of Riverstone Spa at the Inn at the Forks. I have purchased for you the following:
"Relax in the luxury of our exclusive spa pedicure room equipped with heated massage chairs and whirlpool foot basins. Includes cuticle therapy, nail care, and a nail colour of your choice".
I'm telling you this today because I thought you might want to go and take advantage of this before your birthday or this weekend sometime. I hope you enjoy it.

I have to say I was totally stunned. And its NOT something I would ever do on my own. I am totally a do-it-yourself kinda girl. The thought of pampering myself does not cross my mind, and a 60.00 pedicure?!! Honestly it just would not cross my mind to ever even consider! Now do to a bit of a mix up with the spa, I ended up getting upgraded to the $100 pedicure which 
"Inspired by ancient Polynesian rituals, this pedicure creates a healing, hydrating and refreshing effect with Tiara flower and avocado oil. Your experience takes place in our exclusive spa pedicure room, beginning with an exfoliation leaving your feet soft and smooth. Meticulous work will be done on your nails and cuticles, followed by a soothing leg wrap, Hot Stone leg and foot massage, plus a gentle hand and arm massage. Finally, you’ll receive your choice of nail colour and rhinestone to match."
So in honour of this completely and totally out of the ordinary experience (for me at least!) I thought I would do something else I NEVER EVER do and post pictures of me wearing a polish. I really hate showing pics of me, but I love the colour so much I am making an exception. I did bring my own polish (Dior Bikini) and skipped the rhinestone. This is 5 days in to the pedicure!

Butter London Slapper & Knackered Swatches

Knackered is described as a a sheer, twinkling oyster shade flecked with micro glitter particles. Its a pale bluey-purpley teal duochrome sheer base with multi coloured micro glitter. Its so completely unique and different in my collection and so much more than I expected it to be. Slapper is described as a truly teal polish and is that. A great teal. The texture is a little odd on this one. Its a creme polish, but it somehow manages to be both runny and too thick all at the same time. I know that sounds contradictory, but you have to try it out to get it. Its on the thicker goopy side (though not unmanageable) yet still kinda runny. That being said I do love it!

First up is Slapper. I have no idea how to show this as teal as it is, but its much more teal. Next up is the Knackered. Then Knackered over black (which I must admit is my favourite way to wear this awesome colour)!! Last but not least is Slapper topped with Knackered. Really love them all, but LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the black with Knackered on top!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Julep Maven Penny Boxes - Exactly What You Get & Swatches!

So it seems that every blogger and her sister (and mother, cousin and aunt) has a code for you to get your first Julep Maven box for a penny. But what exactly do you get??  What do the colours really look like? And is it a scam? What are the hidden costs?

Well, first and foremost it is NOT a scam. You can in theory cancel after your first month and owe no more and get nothing more. I do not necessarily recommend that. But its totally doable! All you do to sign up is go to this website here and click on Julep Maven. You take the style quiz and that will determine which "profile" you are. You are not now nor are you ever locked in to any style. Every month you can choose the box that suits you best. Or yes, you can pause, cancel or gift your box.

Now that being said, if you choose to not cancel the box, you remain a maven. Even if you skip your box every month. Why is that worthwhile? Well, to start with every so often they throw an extra gift or amazing SOMETHING that might make you want to get the box. Also, if you remain a maven you always get free shipping on the site! Pretty great deal especially when they have promotions and such!

Now, once you are ready to check out use the promotion code PENNY to take your 19.99 box and make it a penny. Choose maven free shipping and its a penny!

IT GIRL - Jessica, Brooke & Mandy

AMERICAN BEAUTY - The Best Pedi Crème Ever!, Eva & Renee

BOHO GLAM - The Best Pedi Crème Ever!, Annette & Jodie

BOMBSHELL - The Best Pedi Crème Ever!, Oscar & Natasha

CLASSIC WITH A TWIST - The Best Pedi Crème Ever!, Susie & Niecy

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Catherine Arley Holographic Nail Polish Swatches - And A Pink I Love And Will Wear!!!

For those of you who love holographic colours, but find most too pale and unsaturated colour wise - here is the solution - Catherine Arley Polishes. AMAZING!! Bright deep colour saturated and CHEAP!!! (A-England level awesomeness - really!!)

Let me start by saying how AMAZING these are! A friend sent me a care package from Bulgaria awhile back and in it were these 5 beauties (along with a non holographic polish by this brand I will show you at a later date). Seriously people. These are not pastels. These are BRIGHT saturated colour. And the pink is SOOOO deep and gorgeous (yes, I just called a pink gorgeous!!!) and almost red it may even be my favourite. Apparently pigs are flying, hell has frozen over and the fat lady is singing. BECAUSE I LOVE THIS PINK!!!!

676 - pretty,  yet the standard silver holographic polish. I would put this at the bottom of your shopping list as there are so many more vibrant and unique colours!!

The mystery polish. The label is missing and I have searched the internet high and low and can not find a teal-green holo by the brand anywhere! It also has a black lid instead of a white one. Not sure what that means!! But stunning!

673 - deep dark eggplant purple holo. STUNNING!

666 - A pinky purple colour. My least favourite of the bunch. Too pinky. Not that I am complaining AT ALL! My mom will LOVE LOVE LOVE it, and I might even try it on my toes sometime this summer!!

677 - The pink that is so amazing it turned ME into a believer. Seriously. Its almost red its so bright and vibrant and it just glows. It is the most amazing holographic colour I have ever seen. I seriously love it more than the eggplant!! (Yes, I am considering seeking medical advice. I MUST be losing it!!)

Now forgive all the shots, but one shot wasn't  enough. These were taken inside on a cloudy rainy day. So imagine them in the sunlight!!

These can be purchased here and the best part? They are under 2.00 each!!!!


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