Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Julep Memorial Day Mystery Box Unboxing.

So as you all know, I got sucked in once again to a mystery box. This was my LAST one. I am 100% over mystery boxes and will not be purchasing anymore unless a spolier comes out in time and I KNOW I want it. At least I got the free Bare Face Oil free (as you can see it hanging out in the box).

Free code got me this!

And this is special gift box it came in:

With an embossed top.

A nail swatch wheel with a very odd number of sticks on it. 23? REALLY? Where on earth did THAT number come from?

The beach tonic and hair ties we knew about!

And then a bunch of old crap that has nothing to do with the hints or the beach! (By the way, this rock star creme is a little 1oz mini)

I am sure there would be people who would be thrilled with this box. Personally, I can only say that reinforced the "I'm never buying a mystery box blindly again" attitude I now hold.


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