Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bloody Brilliant Quad From The MAC Osborne Collection - Review

So I went to the Bay to see what they had left of the Osborne Collection on Friday. Both Blushes and the Sharon quad were sold out which of COURSE is what I was looking for. BUT.. I did pick up two pieces from this collection along with the Alluring Aquatics polish I showed you the other day. And to put a cherry on the top of the sundae, they were offering 10% off everything! 

So this is the Bloody brilliant quad from Kelly Osborne for MAC. I will stop right here and ask if anyone knows, are these full sized eyeshadows? And if I buy an empty 4 pan quad from MAC, will it be the same size as this one? Just wondering. I am NOT a MAC girl and this is in fact the first shadows I have of theirs. I own one blush, one lipstick and one pigment from the brand outside of their polishes.

Now let me start by saying these shadows swatch TERRIBLY! Had I swatched these I would never have bought them. That being said, I didn't swatch them in store. I was looking at it and when the makeup artist/sales associate told me how great it would look on me, I simply said I wouldn't know what to do with it. So she put it on me. It applies MUCH nicer than it swatches, though it is still a lighter set of shadows.

From right to left the top shades are spoonful of sugar and tickety boo and the bottom shades from left to right are fizzy rose and shadowy lady. All but Shadowy Lady are limited edition.

Spoonful of Sugar is a light platiunumey/silvery/taupey shade with glitter. Tickety Boo is a pinkish/brownish nude shade that on me leans way too bronze. It was the one shade I could not see myself wearing and really disliked on me. It looked kind of reddish/bronze on my face and looked more like bruising than makeup. Fizzy Rose is a cool toned purple that is almost pink. I really liked this one when mixed with Spoonful of Sugar as a lid shade. Then for me I would use Spoonful of sugar alone as a crease colour and Fizzy Rose alone as a highlight shade. Shadowy Lady is a matte plum shade that is slightly...... almost greyed out. I would LOVE a nail shade that looked exactly like this does in pan. I used this as a liner shade and quite liked it.

The wear on the shadows was fine though nothing special. I guess this review is neither bad nor good. Its simply eyeshadow. Not great shadow I would run around to try to find, but quite acceptable shadow. Though they swatch TERRIBLY which just goes to show swatching doesn't necessarily mean anything!


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