Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Quo Nail Polish Holder/Caddy

Forgive the lousy cell phone pics but I spied this at Shoppers Drug Mart the other day and thought i would share it with you. An interesting idea. I guess if you regularly transport a 3-5 polishes with you its a great idea.

One side is a mesh see through bag. and then there is a padded divider that separates the two sides.

And the other side is a felt covered cardboard type form that fits in to perfectly hold 5 Quo By Orly nail polishes.

As you can see, the forms are well made sot hat the polishes stay put even if its not filled. If however they are a different brand, they are not going to fit as the these polishes are quite a unique bottle shape.

Overall, its a neat idea, but the reality is I rarely take more than 1 or two bottles ANYWHERE with me, and the odds of my taking a Quo polish are slim since I own about 8 within my 1500+ collection.

So what do you think? Would this work for you? Can you picture using this?


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