Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Ridiculous Deal On Knocked Up Nails

I was super excited to see this deal on Zulily. I have been so busy with school I almost missed this deal! There is only a day and half left so I have to tell you to RUN and get this! This can be found under the brand heading Beauty Secrets: Tools & Basics in the Womens section. 
Our pregnancy-safe nail polish formula does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate or camphor.
We show a little extra lovin’ to the preggos,but Knocked Up Nails is also safe for allergy sufferers, cancer patients & children.
Our hip, modern hues are long-lasting and chip resistant; and all of our polishes are cruelty free and made in the USA.
Knocked Up Nails is sold as a brand for expecting mothers but I have heard a good buzz about for ions. They are supposedly not only 3 free but the smell is supposed to be better also for those who are sensitive to the smell of polish. They retail for 10.00 a polish, but if you buy them now on Zullily you get a set of four for 19.99! Which set do you like best? Are you going to pick up a set?

Julep Jane - Swatches & Comparisons

I know, I know! I promised you swatches of Jane a week ago! I am seriously trying as hard as I can to stay afloat and keep caught up these days! Between school, work, school, school, school and...... did I mention school? 4 chemistry courses, four chemistry labs and a calculus course this term are killing me! But I do have them! Jane is described as a full coverage rose gold glitter. It is more of a copper than a rose gold if you ask me. Hilllary is a gold, brown and copper glitter, and rose gold is a slightly orangey-er version of it. Then I have Vivian followed by Oscar.

I do like Jane (and its limited edition so if you want it, grab it now!) but I do think its more of a copper than a rose gold. Its kind of like a really orangey rose gold? Very pretty. And I love the combination of it over Cult Nails Manipulative!

Travelling Indie Nail Polish Box - Take Two

I am not sure if you remember or not, or if maybe you were not a follower of my blog at the time, but about 6 months backed I showed you all the indie polishes I chose out of the travelling indie box. So the way it works is there is a box FULL of indie brand polishes. And by full, I mean it had almost 100 polishes in it! The box gets sent to someone who takes out what they want, puts in what they want, and then seals the box back up and ships it to the next person. The box came to me on Friday afternoon. I got to pull out what I wanted, and this is what I got! 

Nail Pattern Boldness - Flipping Out Hard
Painted Sabotage - Gargle Blaster
Ninja Polish - Girly Floam
Daring Diva - Master Shake

F4 - Mirror Ball
Pretty & Polished - Galax-E
Starry Earth - Sultans Daughter
Starry Earth - Candy Corn

Hare - Heat Plague
Hare - Amethystos
Emily De Molly - Simplicity
Gloss And Sparkle - Perpetual Darkness

KB Shimmer - Orange Pop
Rainbow Honey - Hoof Wrassle
Cult Nails - Annalicious
All That Glitters - Valentine Massacre

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer - Jordan
Candeo - Deep Space
Dollish Polish Flesh

Now the biggest problem I have is - WHAT ON EARTH DO I WEAR FIRST? Have you tried any of these? What do you think of them? Cant wait to hear your feedback!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Butter London Canada SALE!!!

So, I know I have been the biggest enabler on the planet when it comes to Fishwife and Posh Bird. And then came the spring polishes...... I know.... And when the Starkers collection comes out I am sure I will be all obsessed with that. Well, this duo is limited edition and when it sells out it sells out. So I thought I would help you all out a bit!

And this set is already promo priced at $30 making it $27 instead of $34! (also, the spring set is promo priced for 85.00 so instead of 102.00 and with 10% off it would be $76)! Check out the deals and let me know what you get with the code!


Julep Helena, Julep Bette And Butter London Brummie

So let me start by saying that my bottle of Helena is OLD. Like about a year older than the Julep Maven program! I have had it for about 2.5 years. And while the formula is fantastic, its one of my least favourite colours EVER. I thought it would be a purple, I swear its pink. Its technically a fuchsia but in my world, its PINK! BAH!

Anyways, Bette is exactly what I pictured Helena to be like when I first ordered it. And Helena is a bright neon...... PURPLE (I say grudgingly) which is what Bette seems to have been described as. Bette is actually a fairly dark purple. Kind of like if you put Dior Rock Coat over Helena.

Butter London is a slightly greyed out purple. Lighter than Bette and missing the pinky/berry/burgundy tone. Kind of reminds me of Illamasqua Faux Pas. Its definitely lacking the brightness that the other two have.

Cult Nails Manipulative, Charming And Spontaneous

All three of these polishes are limited edition. I had a list of about 8-10 wishlist polishes from Cult Nails so when all the limited edition colours went on sale for $8 each, I figured I should jump on the chance to get ALL the limited edition ones off my list before they are gone forever! And look how gorgeous they are!

Manipulative is described as an “opaque pale blue with a hint of green”. I would describe this as an aqua, but it leans more green than blue. I would personally describe this as more of an opaque pale green that leans blue instead of the other way around. Its a dusty kind of colour and has a really pretty blue green shimmer. I have zero idea whatsoever about any colour that even slightly resembles this.

Charming is a smoky lightly/barely pink tinged purple with iridescent fuchsia shimmer. If you have Illamasqua Faux Pas, this is the same basic colour just slighly lighter, take away the rubber finish and add a touch of fuchsia shimmer. Hope that makes sense!

Spontaneous is described as a “dark, deep, dusty purple creme with vibrant purple glitter.” This is a slightly greyed out eggplant and scattered purple micro-glitter. If you have Enigmatic and are wondering how similar they are, they are not at all. Enigmatic is much darker and its slightly muddier.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Julep Jennifer, Kelly & Emmanuelle

So I was asked to compare Julep Jennifer to Julep Kelly. I added Emanuelle in there since it looked very similar in the bottle as well.

Jennifer is the most sheer of the lot. Below is four coats and it would be no where near opaque. I do not know if you could get this to be opaque enough to have no visible nail line, but if you did, it would take A LOT OF COATS. The middle one above and in the swatches is Kelly. It is a slightly orange tinged pink cream. It is opaque in two coats (as shown here). I would call Jennifer a sheer light pink but I would call this a coral leaning nude. It is not a pink. Emmanuelle is more if a brown/nude tinged pink. It is much more opaque than Jennifer but still no where near what I would call an opaque colour. This is four coats shown below and you would probably need 6 to get rid of a visible nail line.

OPI Cant Let Go And A New Ring

So yesterday afternoon the lovely Aleksandra (the blogger behind the wonderful blog Plumpish Beauty) had a Tocara party yesterday. I had never heard of the brand before, but its a home party (like Tupperware or Pampered Chef) that sells jewelry. I must say the sales representative for the brand drove me nuts. She kept giving out facts about all the different semi precious stones and the metals which could have been highly educational..... IF she was giving out accurate facts. Sadly she kept giving out false information, calling Swarovski Crystal "sawatsky" and kept referring to the fake stone the brand had created as "diamonds". Somehow she figured that by using air quotes she could call her fake clear stones diamonds. Anyways, yeah.... That being said, the party was awesome, the jewelry ranged from great deals to slightly overpriced, but nothing was really badly priced. It was a very successful party for her though and she had over $1000 in sales! So she got a whole bunch of free jewelry! I highly recommend keeping an eye out on her blog for her big reveal when her pieces come in!

I only got a ring, and I was lucky enough to get to take it home with me that day!

Sorry for the rough looking manicure. But its day three of my OPI liquid sand manicure in Cant let Go (with no base coat or top coat!!!). When I tried on the ring everyone kept going on and on about how perfect the ring was with my nails. they really matched perfectly!

Oh! And the centre stone is an amethyst and the petals are purple enamel. The ring retails for $69 to give you an idea of the pricing. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Butter London Cuppa VS Julep Alyson

"I have Julep Alyson. Do I need Cuppa?" I just had this question posed on facebook and I realized I had never yet even OPENED my bottle of Julep Alyson. It has been sitting in my pile of "to be swatched"  for ages. So I immediately grabbed them, and here we are twenty minutes later!

I am having a hard time grasping the words needed to describe the difference between the two. Butter London Cuppa (on the left in all pictures in this post) is a creamy, whiter version of a similar colour. Julep Alyson looks a little yellower/browner/greener in tinge? Its a slightly dirtier, muddier version I guess is the best way to describe it.

Now as for the formula., I have got to give the win to Butter London on this one. If you feel like you like both and they are similar enough you only need one, I would say Butter London hands down. The Julep is not bad, don't get me wrong. But the formula is better on the BL and you get a lot more polish for your buck. In Canada Cuppa will set you back $17 ($14 in the United States) and Julep retails on the website for $14 either way.

Below are shown one coat of Butter London Cuppa and two of Julep Alyson.

Do you have either? Like one better? I'd love to hear! Leave me a comment!

EDIT - I was just asked where Julep Pippa fits in, so here we go again! Pippa is a pinky-er creamy shade!

From left to right, one coat BL Cuppa, Two coats Alyson, One coat Pippa


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