Monday, June 16, 2014

MAC Shimmerfish From Alluring Aquatics - Review!

Now a review of a MAC polish usually is followed by a lot of bitching about me being sucked in and a thick goopy texture or a thin watery texture and ends with me swearing never to buy another MAC polish again. Until I do.

Well, today you will get none of this. You will get a RAVE! I really hope this is a sign of things to come from the brand in terms of their polish because this is gorgeous! And unique! I freaking love it. There is a bit of streaking if you are not careful but it is manageable. And the colour is simply UNIQUE in my stash. Not an easy feat! The formula is thick without being too thick, and it just is easy to work with! I am having a hard time believing I am discussing a MAC polish right now!

Now dont ask me what the makeup artists or whomever at MAC were smoking when they decided to describe it as a “sparkling aluminum.” This is a gold leaning or warm leaning silver with (not the shade of aluminum at all) with insane sparkle and copper and gold flecks in it. The base is a metallic finish which is what will lead to whatever streaking you may experience.

If like me you are loving this, I suggest checking out your MAC counter. I went in on Friday to the counter at The Bay to see what they had left of the Osborne Collection (not much) and not only did they have this left (and a few other pieces from the Alluring Aquatics collection) but it was a friends and family sale and all cosmetics at all the counters were 10% off! So its still possible to track this down!


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