Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Royal And Langnickel SILK Pro Brushes

I got brushes from two different lines in the brand. These are from the SILK line. 

Now these are from the Silk line. The other brushes I got are from the one line higher than this, but to be honest, I did not notice much difference in the performance between the two lines. Now this was intended to be a head to head comparison with the Bdellum brushes back in January. But that would have been like sending a five year old to compete on Jeopardy against Ken Jennings. They are not even close to being in the same league. While Bdellium tools are great for budget brushes, these are great for BRUSHES.  This is a company that has been around for ages and they do brushes. Only brushes. Both art and cosmetic. And after all these years doing brushes, I guess they learned a thing or two!

As you all know, I am a brush snob. I primarily use my Hakuhodo brushes, an amazing MUFE brush, Edward Bess face brush, the new Chanel les beige brush, and well............ yeah. Those are my standard. So when I started testing these I thought I would give it a few weeks, and 5 months later I am still using these. Ok, I reach for my les beige brush a lot also. Its just unlike any other brush on the planet. But otherwise, these are the tools of my makeup kit. And I can not believe I am saying this, I DON'T miss my other brushes!

Now all these brushes are super soft on the skin and have had zero shedding. Let me start this review by saying that now instead of typing it under each brush!

BC141 Synthetic Bronzer SILK Pro - Royal & Langnickel
This brush is synthetic and thus can be used to apply liquids as well as powders. It CAN give you an airbrush finish when applying liquid foundation though I wont say its BETTER than the shiseido perfect foundation brush it can give you the same look. What I use this for in general though is applying my finishing powders and ambient light powders.

BC101 Synthetic Powder SILK Pro - Royal & Langnickel
I like not only how wide this brush is so that you can use it as an overall face powder brush, but I like how flat and tapered it is on the sides. This brush has been great for really blending in and working in any contouring I am doing. I have used the sides of this to apply blusher or bronzer as well, but its just so soft and yet dense that it really not only picks up product really well, it really does a great job blending everything out. Just a great all around face brush!

BC460 Natural Hair Angle eye Blender SILK Pro - Royal & Langnickel
This brush is great for blending out an eye look. Its big without being too big, and its super soft. I seem to notice on this brush that I have an odd rogue hair or two on it, but it seems to be the only brush that is doing this and am sure I could trim off the few stray hairs. It is natural hair so I wouldnt apply a cream base or primer with this, but it does a fantastic job in blending everything out.

BC430 Natural Hair Crease SILK Pro - Royal & Langnickel
This is similar to a MAC 226 with a longer brush head. Its also not quite as dense. While it does the job, I actually found this one to be the least soft of all the brushes. Now I have very sensitive skin and find many brushes "normal" people love to be scratchy or uncomfortable. So when I say this is a little prickly, keep that fact in mind. Now it is quite long for a crease brush so if you have a deep crease you might really love this brush. Its really not my favourite though.

BC420 Natural Hair Smudger SILK Pro - Royal & Langnickel
Now this is what I tend to use in the crease! It is similar to a MAC 219 if the 219 was more rounded and a little larger. Its as soft as all the others minus the one above. If you like me have very small eyes (I used to be made fun of in school and told my eyes looked Chinese. Yes, racist. And yes, I have tiny eyes) this will be great! I see a few stray hairs on this one too, but after washing and using non stop for 5 months, having to trim two or three rogue hairs is acceptable I guess!

Comparison between the crease brush and smudger:

BC402 Natural Hair Mini Flat Smudger SILK Pro - Royal & Langnickel
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush. I tried the MAC 214 which I guess would be the similar brush from them, but its not the same. This is just the perfect combination of dense and not dense and its super soft and it just is great for packing shadow on the lid. Again, I have very small eyes and find many brushes too big. This is the perfect brush for me.

The eye brushes:

All of the SILK brushes together:


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