Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Break Mystery Box & Elana Swatches!

So there is yet another mystery box from Julep available. I have to be honest. It is getting tiresome! Before the golden ticket mystery boxes had arrived, the Memorial Day ones were available, and now before many of us have even gotten THOSE ones, here is yet another.

Now there are two options. Both are $24.99 and there will be no overlap between the two so if you get them both, while odds are you will have a dupe in your stash, there will at least be no dupes between the two boxes.  One box contains 100% mystery, while the other box has this new polish in it. So I guess if you love this polish, for $24.99 you are guaranteed to get it as well as another  $86 in value. Not too shabby. Check out the swatches below, and click on the link below to shop the boxes!



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