My Nail Polish Collection

A- England
lady of the lake, tristam, elaine, saint george, guinevere, avalon, galahad

Anna Sui
101, 103, 201

Fuschia Feel, Soft Violet, Blue Royale, Platinum Beauty Touch of Taupe, Sumptuous Rose

mates rates, speck-tacular, limited edition 1
elle's spell, gold digger, out-grey-geous
Bobbi Brown

BB Couture
Junk In The Trunk, Trim & Tassled

Butter London
all hail mcqueen, artful dodger, billy no mates, black knight, blagger, bluey, branwens feather, brummie, champers, chimney sweep, cotton buds, cuppa, diamond geezer, fishwife, fiver, fizzy pop, frilly knickers, giddy kipper, gobsmacked, henley regatta, hrh, indigo punk, inky six, jack the lad, keks, knackered, knees up, lady muck, lillibet's jubilee, marrow, molly-coddled, no more waity katie, pearly queen, pillar box red, pitter patter, poole, posh bird, princes plum, scallywag, scoundrel, scouse, scuppered, shag, shambolic, slapper, sloane ranger, sprog, stag do, sunbaker, thames, torch, trout pout, two fingered salute, victoriana,

Catherine Arley
245, 666, 673, 676, 677, 800

antique pink, back to black, birds flying high, dirty berry, forget-me-not, george blueney, godfather of pearl, have an ice day, ¿holo qué tal?!, how I matt your mother, its all I can blue, million dollar baby, no more snow patrol, poison me, poison you, pool party at night, return of space cowboys, shopping @ portobello road, steel my heart, steel my soul, vintage pink, welcome to roosywood

Ceramic Glaze
blueberry bublegum, honolulu hibiscus, im a vip, leather mini, santorini blue, watermelon cooler

april, attraction, azure, bel argus, blue boy, blue rebel, black pearl, coco blue, distraction, diwalli, feu de russie, gold lame, gondola, graphite, holiday, illusion d'or, intermezzo, june, miami peach, nuit de russie, or de russie, orange fizz, paradoxal, pearl drop, peridot, provocation, quartz, rouge carat, rouge fatal, steel, sky line, strong, vendetta

Cheeky Monkey
get wet, lucky U, raunchy bitch, tease

China Glaze
black mesh, blue bells ring, champagne kisses, coconut kiss, cosmic dust, cracked concrete, cross iron 360, delight, don't be a luna-tic, dorothy who?, elephant walk, exotic encounters, far out, fault line, first mate, flying dragon, for audrey, frostbite, galactic gray, glistening snow, grape juice, hologram, kaleidoscope him out, liquid crystal, man hunt, midtown magic, omg a ufo, optical illusion, papaya punch, pelican gray, polarized, prism, rainstorm, recycle, sci-fly by, secret peri-wink-le, sexy in the city, shower together, spin me round, stone cold, strap on your moonboots, strike up a cosmo, sun worshipper, take a trek, tongue and chic, towel boy toy, turned up turquoise, ultimate holiday, water you waiting for, watermelon rind, when stars collide

angel wings, big yellow taxi, boom box, boudoir, bumble bee(cp), cabaret, candy shop(cp), chinchilla, cream soda, cookies and cream, cutie pie, dalas dolly (sequins), dangerous affair, enchanted rose, encore, fade to greige, fit for a queen, foam party (glitter), glass slipper, halo, headliner, hologram(cp), hopscotch, ivory queen, jewel, jubilee(cp), knickerbockerglory, ladylike luxe, magic carpet, members only, metallic gold (cp), midnight in manhattan (cp), milkshake, mistress, mojito, multi(cp), pepperminty, pillow fight, pom pom, power dressing, prom queen(cp), regatta, sand dune, silver (cp), snow globe, starlet, strawberry, sugar plum, sundance(cp), speed dial, twilight, twinkle toes (glitter), tweed and tails, vintage

225, 226, 227, 230

Color Club
beyond, eternal beauty, over the moon, rule breaker, slow jam

Cult Nails
afterglow, wakening, bitten, blackout, captivated, charming, clairvoyant, coveted, crusin nude, disciplined, enigmatic, flushed, hypnotize me, iconic, in a trance, let me fly, living water, manipulative, mind control, my kind of kool aid, nevermore, quench, spontaneous, tied up, time traveller, unicorn puke, vicious

Deborah Lippmann
across the universe, angels, baby im a star, bad moon rising, bad romance, believe, berry metal, big blue note, billionaire, brick house, bring on the bling, call me irresponsible, caramel kisses, chain reaction, dancing in the dark, dancing in the sheets, dark fantasy, deck the halls, defying gravity, do the mermaid, don't tell mama, edge of glory base coat, edge of glory top coat, fashion, flash dance, flattop, gingerbread boy, girl on fire, girls just wanna have fun, glitter in the air, good girl gone bad, green eyed lady, hard knock life, harlem shake, here comes the queen, hit me with your best shot, how far is heaven, i fought the law, i know what boys like, invincible, it's delovely, jewel in the crown, just dance, lady is a tramp, lady sings the blues, laras theme, lets hear it for the boy, love is a battlefield, magic man, marquee moon, mermaids dream, mermaids eyes, million dollar mermaid, money now sleep later, moon dance, night and day, o holy night, on the beach, one fine day, one more night, phoenix rising, planet rock, polka dots and moonbeams, pretty vacant, punk princess, purple rain, ray of light, razzle dazzle, rockin robin, ruby red slippers, since I fell for you, single ladies, some enchanted evening, sparks fly, stairway to heaven, stormy weather, sunshine superman, sweet life, the future is yours, today was a fairytail, when lightning strikes, wicked game,

aloha, amazonia, apparat, bahia duo, bikini, black plum, black sequins, blue denim, blue label, bond street, camel, city of gold, crystal, czarina gold, delice, electric blue, exquis, forget me not, glacier, golden era, golden jungle duo, gruau, gris montaigne, gris trianon, icone, lagoon, lilac colorvision, mango, merveille, metallic silver, nirvana, ny 57th, nymphea, or divin, perfecto, purple mix, red tea, reglisse, riviera, rock coat, samba duo (the blue, gave away the red), shadow, silver lake, spring ball, st tropez, swan, trench, tuxedo, ultra violet, waterlilly

absolutely stylish, Blu Ray, choose me, Gagalectric, gold old buffy, hex hex, hunt me if you can, into the dark, iron goddess, magic wand, miami heat, miracle shine, movie star, mystic wish, nothing else metals, pixie dust, Prism@tic White, the dawn is broken, where is the party

merino cool, masquerade belle, sexy divide, pure pearlfection, as gold as it gets, shine on the times, carnival

Estee Lauder
ultra violet, enchanted garnet, frozen fantasy, wild storm

Face Stockholm

Girly Bits
cosmic ocean, denim diva, into the night, january morning, purple potion, rogue, shift happens, stormy skies, street magic, star spangled

candide peach, noir celeste

Glitter Gal
copper, green, dark purple 3D

attitude, black passion, blue monday, boot camp, crackle - silver, deep purple, drizzle, fairytale, forest floor, fossil grey, frosted gold, frosted silver, frosted purple, galaxy, gasoline, holographic, magic star, metallic blue, midnight blue, miss grey, mystical, nero, ocean, prima donna, raw rose, rainbow, silver, silver star, splish splash, wild lilac, pool party, rusty, venus

Gosh Minis
apple green, turquoise blue

Inglot 02M Breathables

babtiste, bacterium, cameo, charisma, creator, dws, fragile, glory, harsh, jomina, faux pas, force, gamma, kink, lament, mottle, muse, noble, nurture, optimist, phallic, poke, prism, prosperity, purity, raindrops, scarab, serenity, snap, speckle, stagnate, strike, taint, unnatural, untold, velocity, venous, vice, viridian

ruby red, palladium, pashmina, pure platinum

alaina, alfre, alice, ally, amber, amelia, angela, angelica, anne, annie, alicia, amy, ashley, barbara, bess, bette, blakely, boris and nicole, brandt, brit, brooke, brooklyn, camille, candace, candy, carly, cassie, caterina, catherine, char, charlotte, chelsea, chloe, christina, claire, claudette, cody, dakota, daphne, daria, demi, dendrie, denver, diane, dianna, donna, eden, eileen, elizabeth, ellie, elouise, emanuelle, emilie, emma, erica (no name glitter), evangeline, faye, felicity, florence, gabrielle, gayle, georgia, ginger, glenn, gloria, grace, gunta, gwen, gwenyth, hailee, harley, harper, hayden, heather, helen, helena, hilary, hotch, ingrid, isla, ivy, jackie, janel, january, jamie, jane, jennifer, jessica, jill, julia, juliianne, joanna, jodie, jordan, josephine, joy, juliette, kai, karen, kate, karmen, kayden, keira, kelly, kim, kristy, kylie, lacey, leah, leighton, lena, leslie, lucy, mackenzie, maggie, marie, marion, marjorie, marisa, maya, megan, melanie, meryl, melissa, michelle, mila, millie, minka, mischa, morgan, nadia, nan, natasha, nicole, nina, nikki, nora, o canada, oscar, padma, parker, patti, piper, popova, portia, rachel, reece, renee, robin, sabrina, sadie, salma, sasha, shania, sharon, shenae, simone, sienna, sofia, something blue, sophie, stefani, susie, sylvia, tatiana, taylor, teri, tina, tracy, trina, vanessa, veronica, viola, vivien, wendy, zelda, zoe

glamorous purple, steel, black stars, purple universe, blue universe, metallic violet, midnight blue, platinum silver, brilliant purple

aqua blue, aquamarine, bleu de flore, disco silver, peach melodie

Laura Mercier
daring, twilight

Le Metier De Beaute
all that glitters, anatolia, athena, aurora, black orchid, bo blue, bon voyage, chrome passion, dionysis, dymanique, dynasty, eris, gilded lily, heat of the night, hera, high wire, hope diamond blue, hot 'n saucy, hot to trot, inflorescence, jaded love, kens koral, lame entertain you, magnolia, midnight heron, midnight rendezvous, noble passion, penny lane, plum puddin', purple haze, recherché red, red-e and waiting, red-y to win red, red hot tango, silk road, spruce it up, tarnished silver, true romance, urban dweller, victory white, violaceous splendor, vintage plum, wild ginger

Leighton Denny
Purely Platonic, Big Bang, Your planet or mine, meteor match

Lise Watier
bleu d'hiver, chic tartan, fairy taupe, festive chic, euphorbia, tangerine, shiraz, sundara

50 shades of may-be, bride of franken, connect the dots, deep blue seeing, forget you not, i dont mean rhinestones, lavendear, mercury's rainbow, love lace and lilacs, lovey dovey, lucky numbers, mrs violette de bleu, nosegay, ruby red ruby, snow angel

breezy blue, everything that glitters, kid orange, play day, salad dressed, soiree, unconditionally fabulous

fuggen ugly

Megan Miller

Models Own
aqua violet, blizzard, emerald black, golden green, jack frost, peacock green, pinky brown, purple blue, snowflakes, southern lights

Nails Inc
baker street, brighton, burlington arcade, chelsea physic garden, cheyne walk, clerkenwell, cornwall, covent garden, crown court, dalston, edinburgh, franklins row, hammersmith, hampstead, hampstead gardens, haymarket, kensington high street, kensington palace gardens, kings road, little miss splendid, little miss naughtly, maddox street, marylebone lane, mayfair mews, old bond street, old compton street, pudding lane, st johns wood, saville row,, sloane square, sugar house lane, sweets way, the boltons, the thames, trafalgar crescent, trafalgar square, warwick way, whitehall, york

amaretto fizz, blue flame, caviar cocktail, champagne, chilled, cream, espresso, gold haze, grappa, liquid luau, on the rocks, pink poodle, port, silver slipper, sparkler, spritzer, sugar rim, tahiti breeze, vodka

amchoor, bad influence, back room, blue lagoon, diamond life, fury, galathee, galion, koh lanta, koliary, kutki, new york dolls, night breed, night flight, night porter, night rider, poker face, purple rain, storm bird, superstar, space odyssey, tokaido express, tv party, versailles,
Nerd Lacquer
antisocial media, argentum, cold & calculating, don’t blink, event horizon, I think you call me sexy, nebula, outed by a probot, pinin for the fjords, warrior ethos 

50, 51, 52, 58, 60, 61, 68, 69, aqua base, gs14

celebration in red 

white polka dot, black polka dot, 2010

alcatraz rocks, black shatter, cant let go, ds original, ds sapphire, get your number, honey rider, its all san andreass fault, jinx, lincoln park after dark suede, little red wagon, my private jet, opi ink suede, plum full of cheer, tiffany case, what wizardry is this, you dont know jacque, vesper, wharf! wharf! wharf!


androgynie, ballamos, decoded, flare, flicker, fowl play, space cadet, winter wonderland


a royal blue with intense silver shimmer. no name i can see
Quo by Orly

celestial star, night sky, turquoise moonlight


Rococo Nail Apparel
gold leaf, deadly nightshade, new geisha

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength
platinum, aisle be there, save the date, glass slipper

Sally Hansen Gem Crush
showgirl chic, cha ching, big money, bling tastic, be jewelled, lady luck, glitz gal

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails
silver bells, applause

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear
teal-y cool

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms
scarlet ruby

Sephora + Pantone Universe
evergreen, cradle pink, parachute purple

Sparkles By Julie
lost in space, water lily, murky waters, nebula, dots n stripes

Strangebeautiful Cosmetics
Loden Cloth, Cheap Foundation, Color Library Volume 2, purple, pink, taupe

Syn Cosmetics
All White Everything, Bitter Glitter, Im Glowing Home

Tarina Tarantino
Starchild, Meteor Night

Tuff Scent
4ever, mother nature, soak up the sun, stardust

Ulta Salon Formula
tutu cute, envy, plum street

Wet n Wild Wild Shine
black creme, burgundy frost, carribean frost, eggplant frost, french white

Yves Saint Laurent
black bronze, black lapis, black indigo, bleu majorelle, hip coat, ice coat, premier niege

crystal, gilty, julienne, liberty, lotus, monica, natty, neeka, petra, purity, raven, sklylar, song, stevie, suri, tracie, valerie


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