Saturday, October 14, 2017

Magic Pantyhose???

I don't often wear pantyhose. Bare legs seems way more modern and I just don't like the look. And they tear after one wear. Or, more accurately they tear as I am putting them on and then the second pair tear while wearing them. But every once in awhile a situation arises where bare legs just aren't appropriate. So when a friend of mine got these I was stunned. They supposedly DON'T tear. Like at all. Like as in she took a pocket knife to these and they still didn't tear. So I had to get a pair. Could this really be the LAST pair of hose I'll ever have to buy?? Oh, and they're under $3!!!

Well, I figured for $3 what was the harm in trying? I was 99% sure that even if they were the magic Chava said they we're, the Chinese originating garment marked one size fits all was going to be WAY too small. I have disproportionately large hips. I usually wear queen sized pantyhose. But again, $3.

Well, they arrived. Almost exactly 4 weeks to the date of ordering them. I was afraid to try to cut them with scissors. But I ran a box cutter over them and nothing. I took the pointy end of a pair of scissors and tried to poke it through them and nothing. And they fit my size 10/12 butt with room to spare. I can pull them up to my knock if I try hard enough. I would guess a size 14/16 is likely able to wear these quite comfortably.

Overall, a very happy surprising dose of success!!



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