Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3.00 Marc Jacob Shoes Make A HAPPY Blogger!

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had just bought a new dress for a girlfriends wedding. I was so excited - I LOVED the dress. Then I find out that in the community of her soon to be husband, it is considered bad taste to wear ankle length dresses. It is considered showy and reserved for brides and queens. No, I am not joking.

"So what do you wear to a wedding?" I asked. The response was that formal/dressy suits were the norm. I was determined to not spend a load of money and went armed with this new info thrift store shopping. After all, I had just spent a nice chunk of change on a dress. Now outfit two would have to be thrifty! I find a suit in the first store I go to! A brown Jones New York suit that fit me perfectly! And was 7.70 and 60% off. YES! 3.93 for a brand new tags still on suit! Only problem? I had not a single thing appropriate to wear underneath. Or shoes. Or a bag. I had 9 weeks left to find them though. All was good. At least twice a week I went searching. I found AMAZING things. A Pink Tartan skirt for 3.00 to name just one. But I must have found 30 amazing pieces before I found the rest of my outfit. 

Something about this dress hunt reminded me of that! But anyways, on to the point of todays post. The results of yet another dress hunt!

The first stop I made was to Goodwill. All yellow tags were 25% off, and most of the store was yellow tagged! First up was the MOST expensive thing I bought...... which is weird because it is the cheapest item regular retail wise! But I LOVE Pure by Alfred Sung Cardigans. Cotton and Cashmere. they always wash and wear WONDERFULLY!  4.50 

Next up is a cardigan from Danier Leather. Its the softest, coziest sweater ever! 3.75

A great every day skirt for work! Perfect since I only have 3 that dont come as part of a suit and 2 of them are falling apart. Literally have shredded linings! But I changed sizes recently and will get my wardrobe back up to standard soon! Really!! Oh! and the white spot is not on the dress. It seemed to be on the camera lenses! 3.37

And the best thing EVER!!!!!!! Now normally I wear a size 8.5 and these are more like a 9, but they are comfy and easy to wear!! 3.00

Total Spent - 14.00 
Total Cost New - Over 850.00

Now the reason I dont call this an epic fail is because - a - 3.00 for Marc Jacobs shoes!!! and b - I found this at my last stop of the day, the Salvation Army! I have no idea the value of it new, and its neither a cocktail dress which I need 2 of still, nor is it a formal dress which I still need one, but I have a sunday brunch coming up that it will be PERFECT for!! And I know it looks kind of plain and boring but it fits me PERFECTLY! Also it was 10% off.  8.10

Zoya - A Picture Tutorial

So Zoya is a brand I have not tried before. I have been interested in them for ages, but its too much effort to track down colours when they don't ship to Canada or accept my credit card if I were to mail it to an American friend. So I broke down today and arranged for 4 colours! Julienne, Neeka, Valerie, and Petra.

But there are soooooooooooooooooo many!! So while sorting through what I wanted, I thought I would post here a little guide to Zoya.

So beware, this is major picture heavy, but here are all the collections that I am aware of, all in pictures! What collections are YOUR favourites?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Epic FAIL On The Dress Hunt!

I know you have heard me explain how I am in desperate need of dresses. I have many events coming up first one is 4 weeks away, and nothing to wear. Not a single dress that fits. So I went shopping again last week.

Now, if you will remember, I bought this coat the week before last while on my dress hunt. Well........ Just in case you missed it, I paid 54.00 (and got 6.00 off that price) so it was a total of 48.00.

Not bad since as you can see it retailed for 320! But last week I did another winners run while dress shopping and........ well........ Yup. You guessed it. It was an epic deal, but NOT a dress!

Stock photo taken off a shopping site! 

Stock photo taken off a shopping site! 

Now can I tell you how much I love this jacket? It came in about 9 different colour/fabric options and I went home and googled the price and found it on revolve again!

415.00!!!!! OMG! I debated and debated and these two gorgeous coats came home with me!

Sorry the first purple picture is so dark, its a very very accurate colour in the latter two pictures. The lining is gorgeous. I LOVE them soooo much! And the price? 42.00 each! I FREAKING LOVE sales at winners.

And sadly the dress hunt continues...........

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chanel Le Vernis in Sky Line for 2012

Chanel BLEU ILLUSION for summer 2012

I just saw this and HAD to post it for all of you!!!!!!

Is that not a gorgeous drool worthy colour???!!! Chanel Le Vernis in Sky Line (available July 2012)

Lost In a Sea of Spring.....

So I feel the need to come clean. I HATE SPRING!!! I dont care that its warming up, or that winter is coming to a close. Winter is holidays, skiing and snowmen! I love it! I dont even care that we get -45 in the winter (in  Celsius or Fahrenheit - they are the same at that point!). I hate the feeling of being hot and sweaty, I burn horribly and I am not a girl who wants to wear a bikini. BRING ON THE SNOW!!!!!!

Spring brings wet and dirty weather here, and mucky, muddy snow is NOT pleasant. Also, I hate pink, and dont wear pastel colours. Makes most beauty offerings for spring collections less exciting. Take the following for example:

Clarins Spring 2012 Campaign

Armani Spring 2012 Collection

Lancome Spring 2012 Collection
Just look at the collections. Blue eyes, a sea of pink and green - NOT FOR ME! I HATE pink, and just dont like pastels and or greens/blues on my face!

Not that I don't hate all spring collections. I LOVE a good peach lip or nail, and I love the light, barely there looks that tend to be part of spring collections! I'm a total nude eyeshadow, light blush, and peach or nude lipstick kinda gal! I love the following:

Bobbi Brown for Spring 2012

Tarina Tarantino for Spring 2012
So I dont HATE spring...... I just don't look forward to it! Nor does my frizzy curly Jew-fro, as my friends and I have always referred to it, I hope no one takes offence. In my private Jewish day school we all had the same dirty blonde frizzy curly mop of hair! I love the look of less and light makeup, but the colours just don't do it for me!

Am I the only one? Are you guys spring fanatics?


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