Saturday, June 14, 2014

Royal And Langickel Review - A LONG Time Coming!

So I got these brushes given to me to test out and share with all of you guys about 5 months ago. I was originally planning on doing a head to head comparison with Bdellium Tools. I however within a day of using these realized that it was not realistic. While I am not going to say these are Hakuhodo level (they aren't), they are a heck of a lot closer to those than they are Bdellium tools or other cheaper brushes.

I have chosen to hold off reviewing them until I had used them for a while and gotten a good feel as to how these brushes worked, felt, performed and stood up over time.

So keep an eye out in the next two days for some brush reviews. I have been using these brushes ALMOST exclusively since I got them and it was not hard to do! No yearning for others. Did I need a few others (such as an eyeliner brush) at times? YES. But could these happily be my every day brushes? I think they now ARE my day to day brushes. I don't miss my higher end ones! These aren't brushes for the budget shopper. They are budget brushes for ANY shopper!


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    1. Thanks! I am still unsure of it! But it was what I ended up with after 5 hours of editing templates and all the html code started to look the same. I am torn......



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