Thursday, June 5, 2014

Julep Golden Ticket Mystery Box 1 - Revealed

No, this is NOT the memorial boxes. This is the one before. This was the Golden Ticket Mystery Box. As you all know I am Canadian and thus it takes a long time for Julep packages to get to me. Was I bummed? Yeah, I will admit it. I really was. But I usually am and deserve what I get at this point. I should no better! I will withhold my rant about the Memorial Day boxes until it comes.

Anyways.......... these crappy seeds. Sorry, I say crappy because they were a freebie that had no value to start with and to make matters worse, they never grew a year ago when we got them. So now they are OLD seeds.

Ok, this I am kind of interested to try. There seems to be a trend right now with the Konjac sponges and I am actually happy to try one out.

Another cuticle stick. I liked this product, and if I didnt already have........... a LOT of them (like 6 or 7) I might be thrilled with this.

And the polishes:

While pretty, I think I have all but one of these.

Overall, I guess the box had a decent value, though the seeds annoy me. Just not really useful for me. Sigh....... The memorial day box is my LAST one. I am not doing this again. I am officially OFF of mystery boxes.

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