Monday, June 9, 2014

Inglot HD Illuminzing & Sculpting Pressed Powders for June 2014

I would just like to make a quick note to say that in general, any time I speak about INGLOT or mention them, you can automatically make a few assumptions. The first being that the price points are American. The price difference in these makes them something I wont even look at in Canada. As an example, the blushes for the freedom palette are $11US and $16CAD and the four pan palette is $16US and $21CAD. So that makes a four pan blush palette $60 in the United States and $85 here. Not going to happen in my  books. I am in the United States (between NYC, Miami and Vegas all have stores) enough that I will pick them up there. The other thing that you can assume since I shop the American chain, is that press releases are related to American release dates!

HD Illuminizing Pressed Powder ($18 US)
Available in 5 colours, corresponding to those within the HD Illuminizing Loose Powder Collection, this pressed powder is a must-have in your purse for instant touch-ups. The skin loving ingredients include premium silicone powder and diamond dust, perfect to hide skin’s little imperfections and leave you looking refreshed and rejuvenated. Outstanding film-forming agents will provide a smooth and long-lasting finish. Ideal for everyday use, this product may also be used for filming in high definition and will ensure the face looks flawless even on a big screen. INGLOT HD Pressed Powder can be used on bare skin, over foundation and all over the eye area preventing colour grabbing to skin, ensuring easy and perfect blending of the eye shadow.

HD Sculpting Powder ($15US)

Sculpting is all about accentuating and defining the whole face. This is exactly what INGLOT’s new Freedom System HD Sculpting Powders will let you achieve. In one convenient palette you have everything needed to contour and sculpt your face, enhancing only the best features and diverting attention from any imperfections. With high pigment colour concentration and translucent coverage the illusion of a more structured face can be achieved without the excess product.


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