Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nars Makeup And Nail Polish For Fall 2013

So I have been really good lately with NARS and nail polish and NOT buying them. I wanted the Pierre Hardy duos but something held me back. I kept putting them in my shopping card on and kept taking them out. I had them IN MY HAND at least half a dozen times in store, and every single time I changed my mind at the register (unfortunately it was ONLY these duos I talked myself out of, not my entire purchases!). I am not sure if it was simply the combination of colours (I always LOVED one colour in hte duo and was meh about the second), or what. But I just could never do it. And I passed on the summer ones. Sadly I can say with fair certainty that I will NOT be able to resist the two in the new fall collection!

The dove grey one above is called Galathee and the purple below described as a regal purple is called Fury. Yup. Purple and grey. The scream my name dont they?

What about you? Anything in this collection you need? I must say the taupe shadow looks gorgeous but I am certainly NOT in need of any more neutral shadows. I might have possibly just ordered the 28 pan neutral shadow palette from Coastal Scents yesterday. Oops!

Now THIS Is What I Call A Vending Machine!

Hello everyone! I owe you all an apology. I have been quite the naughty girl lately. I have completely and utterly ignored this blog. I have thought of it, I have felt guilty about it, but I have literally been working and working and working. I am in charge of a venue at our local Fringe Festival (the second largest festival of the sorts in North America) and between that and work I have LITERALLY been in my house less than four hours a day. And usually MUCH less. But the festival is over, and I am back!

And I have just about the coolest vending machines in the world to show you all!

How about a Benefit cosmetics vending machine? Anyone? According to The Daily News, Benefit launched its first one at the JetBlue terminal in JFK airport. Austin and Las Vegas airports just got them, and more than 20 others are rolling out this fall. Inside the machines more than 30 of Benefit’s most popular products, like the “They’re Real” mascara and the POREfessional pore-minimizing primer can be found! Unfortunately, I almost exclusively fly into Laguardia........... Is it wrong to start booking a flight based on a vending machine?

And how about THIS vending machine? Beauty, skincare and fragrance can all be found in these Sephora machines! Currently in six airports, Nashville, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Dallas, Houston, and once more, JFK. I really need to start flying in to JFK!!!

What do you guys think? Have you seen them before? I am interested to know how the prices compare to that of buying them in a traditional store? I can not imagine myself BUYING out of these machines (unless of course I realize I forgot to pack something), but I am intrigued by the idea, and I LOVE the fact that I KNOW that no one tampered with the product before I get it in my grubby little hands!

Would you buy a perfume or mascara out of a vending machine?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Gel Effect Polish From Nails Inc

I am super excited to get a look at the new Gel Effect Polishes from Nails Inc. I have no idea what this means, but they are using a new ‘plasticizer’ technology to make it look like a gel finish. I am sure its probably a load of not good for you chemicals, but if I don't look/ask/check I won't know. And you know what they say about not asking questions........

Bond Street

Porchester Square

St. James

Anyways, the bottles look to me to be more like Butter London bottles but I guess we will find out when they get here (which is not until at least August I have been told). The bottles also have colour coordinating lids to match the polishes. That part I do not like........ it hurts my OCD brain. I want all the bottles to MATCH!!!


So what do you guys all think? Are you looking forward to these? Interested to see them and reserving judgement? Or do you NEED them? I am reserving judgement...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sale Beauty Exclusives At The 2013 Nordstrom Anniversary

So I am not going to go into an entire post of the 12,586,466 special promotions, sets, gwp and exclusives at this years Nordstrom Anniversary sale. But I will show you the two sets that have my mouth watering and my keyboard wet with excitement!

Above - Dior Sparkling Nail Powder Set for $48 and

Deborah Lippmann Space Oddity Trio: $29 ($36 value).
Create five different combinations with three great mini's in fun, exclusive shades.

  • When Lightening Strikes (celestial silver) 
  • Planet Rock (smoky lavender) 
  • Baby I’m A Star (galactic rose gold)
Layer, mix and match for 5 trendy looks.

Nails Inc Leather Effect Polishes In Old Compton Street & Dalston

Ok, I wanted to get this post up tonight since I had so little love for the brand in my last post, I wanted to balance it out with two polishes I LOVE from the brand.

Now the ONLY thing that I don't like is the lids. I think the fake leather cap is cheaply done. Other than that, they are perfect!

These polishes are smooth and buttery and apply like a dream. They look like creams in the bottle and when first applied, but dry down to a perfect leathery finish!

Now, while the bottle cap of Dalston looks like a greeny blue (Tiffany blue to be specific), its a light blue cream that has no visible green leanings in real life. And the grey is a pretty neutral grey. It doesnt really lean brown or blue as many greys do.

They look kind of matte, and kind of interesting, not sure I would have been able to say leather without feeling them, but I do love them!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I Love Nails Inc........ But........

I want to start by saying I love the brand. I really do. But........ and that is a big but. The biggest but I have every typed on this blog.

I love this brand....... BUT....... these are the worst polishes I have every used that are not indies. They are just horrible. Everything about them. Sorry Nails Inc, I love you, but I gotta keep it real!

I picked up Covent Garden and Hampstead (not to be confused with another Nails Inc polish, Hampstead Gardens). The pictures are pretty straightforward so I wont go into the entire descriptions and such. But let me explain why I say they are so terrible.

This is the Nails Inc version of all the sea salt and liquid sand polishes. The lets dry gritty and textured and awesome. Except they DON'T come close to awesome. Instead, they look, feel and apply as if they tossed a bunch of glitter, sand and crap in the bottle and simply mixed it up. Unlike most sand polishes that apply smoothly and dry to a gritty texture, these are a lumpy, bumpy formula that apply as they look. Like a cream polish with a bunch of crap tossed in. I wish I could be more positive but I simply hate them. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. But they simply look to me like ugly, artless, indie polishes that are lumpy.


Friday, July 12, 2013

An Updated Stash Post!

So I know I am long overdue on a new updated stash post, and I will be honest. I had no intention of spending 12 hours photographing it all! So here it is, VIA a YouTube video!! For all of you who have been asking, here we go.

And yes, I know, it IS a sickness. And I do not have any NEED for this many polishes. And yes, my wishlist is still GINORMOUS!

Deborah Lippmann Punk Rock Collection I Fought The Law Swatches And Review

So today I have I Fought The Law from Deborah Lippmann. I have to be honest. I never realized that it was a textured polish when I got it. I KNOW! Its got a textured stripe right across the front of the box. Have I mentioned I'm blonde? And after the Nails Inc polishes (another review for another time) textured debacle, I am not sure I would have jumped on this had I realized it.

Its a gorgeous navy blue thats almost black with the most subtle bit of teal and turquoise shimmer and sparkle. And what was I worried about? Every polish from Deborah Lippmann is amazing. When Deborah Lippmann did magnetic, they were the BEST magnetic polishes on the market. I still fully believe that! The Edge Of Glory flakie top coat is my favourite of that type as well. So its no surprise I LOVE her liquid sand polishes as much as I do!

Unlike the OPI liquid sands I love so much, and unlike the Julep ones (I dont have the Zoya ones yet, so I am not sure about them) the Lippmann ones are not quite as in your face glittery. It's a much more subtle texture. More like a shimmery concrete than anything else. And I love it.

Now I just quickly tossed a coat over a finger of my three day old Julep manicure (the new sea salt polish from the July collection) but I love it. Its an almost black colour, but the texture and the sparkle make it so much more than that! Once more, Lippmann hits it out of the park!

Now the only problem is I need the rest of the collection!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Julep Secret Shop!

So with the warehouse sale only a short while ago, I think its safe to say that the secret store is slightly underwhelming in comparison. Except for this:

This, I want. And its only $15.99 for the set. thats 5.30 each. I am trying to refrain. We will see how long THAT lasts. lol!

AND........ if you need more incentive, the fireworks code works with this! So just put this AND fireworks polish in your cart and enter code FIREWORKS making this set an even better deal!


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