Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Inglot - Share In The Sickness!

So yeah, I might have an Inglot addiction......... maybe........... Possibly....... I thought I would give you all a preview of some of blogposts I have coming up this week on the blog. With now 50 shadows, 4 blushes, and all the illuminating duos...... yeah. I should stop. But I kind of want one more ten pan.....

So stay tuned for some swatches and reviews in the coming days!


  1. Sweet I had a thing for Inglot polishes :-)

    1. I was never blown away with the o2 line. And since I wasn't blown away by the higher line, I skipped the rest. Since Canadian Inglot prices are 30% more than American I am happy to not want them!

      But the shadows are to die for!



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