Friday, June 13, 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette

Now if you see this palette and you know me at all (or read my blog at all) you are probably under the impression that I would have no use for this palette and would not want it. You would not be entirely incorrect. My first reaction was to run screaming AWAY from it. So you are probably going to be surprised to hear me say  I really want this palette now.

Now you will not see Urban Decay call this an eyeshadow palette. They have been careful to say "pressed pigment palette". The reason for this is not all the shades are safe for use around the eye area. I have heard a few people complain it is misleading and that Urban Decay KNOWS that its going to be used as a strictly eyeshadow palette and that is partially correct. They are hoping that a- most consumers are ignorant enough to not notice why they are saying pressed pigment palette when they don't normally describe their palettes that way and b- that if the consumer happens to notice the warning saying that they are not all eye safe that they will buy it anyways. And they are mainly correct. Most consumers don't realize it, and those who do in general DON'T care.

I personally don't care. If I was a bright eye shadow wearer I would use them on my eyes. And if they irritated or bothered me I would stop.

BUT............ Did you know these are also great for using as hair chalks? I saw a friend with the most awesome vibrant purple streaks and nearly fell over when she told me how she did it! I NEED this palette! My hair is screaming out for it!

The secret to doing this (though I am sure if you used this for any hair chalk it would make the colour last a shampoo or two) is use a combination of All Night setting spray and original primer potion to wet the strand, and then just brush on the colour. I think I may also try this technique with my other hair chalks and see if it works!

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  1. This certainly looks interesting! Bright and bold colours :-)



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