Friday, November 18, 2011

Unlimited Julep Maven Member for Life

I am running as fast as I can to go sign up for this! I've just got to get my lobotomy first! Are you guys ready for this??? Julep Maven has introduced a new Unlimited Maven for Life. The cost? TEN GRAND!!!! That is in theory a maven box every month for life. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND??? To start with, that's the equivalent of 500 months of membership. That is 42 years roughly to break even. Then you also have to HOPE that the company is around for 42 more years. THEN you can start making some money!
But oh! you also get dinner at any restaurant of your choice in Seattle with the Jane Park herself! And they are limited!! Only ten available! REALLY?????? If 35 people lose their minds and want to join you will turn them away????


  1. LMFAO. are you frickin serious???? i cannot. stop. laughing. right. now. LOL. Who do they think will actually buy that crap???



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