Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Deborah Lippmann The Future Is Yours & Dark Fantasy Reviews & Swatches

So I guess I should start this by saying I live by the philosophy "better to have purchased and gift, then miss out and create a long lost lemming doomed to be hunted down on the 'bay". As is such with Dark Fantasy. I was completely unsure if I would like it or not, but figured I'd better order it lest I regret it. Well it came in today, and.......... I still don't know? It's pretty, but is it unique?  It seems to remind me of a few other Lippmann Polishes I have. Anyways............. on to the important stuff.

Dark Fantasy is a shimmery dark burgundy. Its not really unique to me, and certainly the most boring of the three polishes in this collection (Money Now Sleep Later being the third). It was opaque in two coats, a thin formula and reminded me of every other shimmer Lippmann makes formula wise. I'm not the biggest fan of Lippmanns shimmers as I don't love the formula or the brush (not bad, just nothing special) but her colours usually draw me in.

The Future is Yours is STUNNING! Its a very pale, very sheer shimmery mauve-teal duochrome! Try saying that five times fast!! Its very sheer, and to get full opacity you would probably need five or six coats. I never would have thought to put it over black, but one of my favourite ladies on earth showed me a picture of it over a black and I had to run out and by a black crème (about time I did!!) JUST for this polish!!

Shown below from left to right is three coats, one coat, then over black.

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