Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dior Vernis for 2011 - A Guide to the Collections

So I love Dior Polish. No secret there. But until I started looking back over the past year, I didnt realize just how many collections came out!
It started in early January when I just had to get my hands on the Gris City Collection. It may have come out in the end of 2010 but I certainly got it in 2011

Following closely behind was the Spring Launch. For those not living in London, Paris, NYC, or able to shop off the website, this was the first chance to get our hands on the Gris Motaigne nail polish (though I managed to buy the entire set and have it shipped to an American), along with Pink Boa

Next up in April was the Rock Your Nails Collection. I was able to pass up Underground, but again, I had to have the rest!

Now, I really hope I am getting this all in the correct chronological order. In May, the summer collection came out which had these two polish sets: Aloha and Paradise (both of which came with a quick dry top coat) and of which the Paradise never made it to Canada.

June saw the limited edition release of the Rouge Collection which once again, you could only get in the United states. I managed to get the two I wanted, Gruau and Icone.
Then, as if we had not yet gotten enough of limited edition (oh, how those two words make us jump!), June also the release of the VERY VERY limited edition St Tropez, meant to honour the opening of a new boutique in none other than St. Tropez. This was the hardest one for me to get my hands on! Sold out on the American website in hours, and once more, was never available here.
Then July introduced us to the new blue tie collection. Little did we know Blue Denim was only sold through the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I missed out on the Tuxedo, but it has currently just reappeared at Sephora stores across Canada and the United States so I was able to rectify that!
Now also released for fall was the Dior Mitzah Collection which contained both Camel & Ebony. Thankfully I only needed one!
Next seems to be the holiday collection, that showed up this past month, containing four gold shimmer infused colours.
And just in case we all thought holiday meant end of year, nope! Two NEW colours are just coming out now! Swan and Silver Lake!

Now, being that it is already November, I am assuming that this completely finishes the year of 2011! There were more than TWENTY FIVE limited edition polishes released this year! I cant wait to see what 2012 holds in store for us!


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