Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cult Nails - The Devil Is In The Details.

So I just got asked from a friend how well packaged orders from Cult Nails were. If you live outside of the United States, a big issue is packaging. You have NO idea how many damaged polish packages I get. Normally its a chip in the corner of the bottle (Julep Nails - I'm looking at YOU!!). Or a crack in the bottle, sometimes its a smashed polish. But it is certainly an issue. Thankfully only twice have I actually got a REALLY broken beyond salvageable bottle. And I have been really grateful both times it was so obvious the postman was the witness that the box was leaking.  I can NOT believe I have never showed pictures of the packaging of Cult Nails before.

With any brand, the devil is in the details. Its the little things that make the difference. When I first heard of the brand, a girlfriend had sent me the entire Inaugural Collection. I had IMMEDIATELY run to the website to check it out. The first thing that jumped out at me was the "cotton ball initiative". I loved that concept. I was drawn to the brand; to a blogger who was not complaining about current colours, but was DOING something about it. If you read her blog, her twitters, or her facebook you see the warmth and determination of a REAL woman with a real family, a job and a life who also has a passion for THIS!

Now, when Maria mentions she sits at home wrapping and packaging orders, you can see what she means! No chance with this brand the polishes are going to bang together! Not only is EACH polish bundled up safe and sound, it then sits in the cotton.
           Dear Maria, I would like to offer to bundle polishes for an evening, free of charge! I totally WANT that job. It not only looks like fun, I want to be surrounded by all  your bottles. Seriously, any time you want to drive your polish stash here, or fly me over, I will offer free labour for a day!! Hehe - how FUN would that be??!!!

Now no polish brand is perfect or beyond the ability for an issue to arise. I had an issue with a polish (a freak occurrence not even worth mentioning or worrying you about!). I reached out to Maria to find out what I could do to fix it. I was not questioned, or argued with, the bottle was replaced. I was floored. I offered to send her pictures or return the polish, she said there was no need. Now THAT is service. Issues are inevitable. The law of averages pretty much promises that if you have ENOUGH transactions SOMETHING will happen. Its HOW the company deals with it that sets them apart from the pack.

I sincerely hope that Cult Nails continues to grow and succeed (and keep coming out with KICK ASS colours and products!). And I can NOT wait til the new collection ships soon! That along with Awakening were just ordered!!

And if you have not yet pre-ordered the new collection, its 30.00 for all 4 polishes, a 25% discount! Click HERE to order!!

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  1. And you can re-use the cotton balls to remove your polish. I totally agree that Maria is AWESOME!



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