Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dior Fast Dry Top Coat VS Cult Nails Wicked Fast Top Coat

Dior & Cult Nails Wicked Fast (WF from this point on) were applied on alternating fingers of each hand, on top of: 2 coats of Cult Nails Vicious and 1 coat of Cult Nails Unicorn Puke

The WF brush is your standard long, skinny one with a level tip - No complaints, just ok, and I doubt people really spare it much thought. The Dior on the other hand is my favourite stubby, pddle-shaped brush that I LOVE!! This point will have to go to Dior, though I have enough empty bottles I can always pour the Wicked fast in an old dior bottle if its a better formula!

There is little visible difference between WF & Dior in the viscosity. The WF and Dior are both VERY thin. Much thinner than other top coats Ive used (like Lippmann and Seche Vite - both are like corn syrup). Both of these look more like water in the bottle than polish, which is interesting since both brands have polishes that are on the thicker side.

The WF has a smell. Not horrible, not overly strong, but you can certainly smell it. The dior on the other hand I dont really notice as much at all.

At this point the brush size really plays a big part. I find the Dior brush SO MUCH easier to apply. But as any of you have read my blog before I FREAKING LOVE THE NEW DIOR BRUSH!! Yes, Dior has a better brush. BUT.. the WF seems to feel more like an oil going on the nail than the Dior. It seems to spread slightly more easily and it seems to just do a better job coating the nail. Its hard to explain. The Dior is just a tad runnier and floods into my cuticles a small amount. Its minor, but its not an issue with teh WF

Both top coats are self-levelling.

Drying Time
I'm still trying to believe my eyes. THEY BOTH DRY JUST AS QUICKLY!!!!! Ive tested on nail wheels to see if brand of polish effects it, or if it works better on some brands than others.

For the drying test, I used 2 "nails" on a nail wheel. Let's call them nails A & B. I applied 2 coats plus a topcoat to each nail, in this order:
A: 1 coat
waited 60 seconds
A: 2nd coat
waited 60 seconds
Then started timing

B: 1 coat
waited 60 seconds
B: 2nd coat
waited 60 seconds
B: Dior
Then started timing

1 minute - Both were still tacky, but did not come off on my finger, or show a finger print.
1 minute, 30 seconds - Both felt dry to the touch; I could lightly run my finger up and down the surface of the nail.
2 minutes - The Dior was dry. I lightly tapped on the surface with a cuticle stick and there was no mark.
3 minutes - Both seemed fully set. I pushed directly down on it with my finger, and there were no fingerprints.
On the nails themselves though it seems the polish is dry ot the touch in about 45 seconds. For some reason on the plastic nails they take longer.

I find both shiny, though the Dior is certainly slightly shinier, though not enough to sway my decision either way.

Have noticed no shrinkage with either top coat!

Tip Wear
I put this on my nails yesterday afternoon and 24 hours later no tip wear! Until this point Dior was the only top coat that allowed me to go 24 horus without a chip or tipwear! I will however update this if I notice a difference in the longevity of one over the other!

Price and Availabilty
The Dior top coat sells for 22.00 here for 10ml. It is however a phone call away at Holt Renfrew. I just have to call and they bring it in for me. The Cult Nails is 10.00 (US) plus shipping for 15ml but only available online. Cult Nails really wins out price point wise. But I can't just run and pick it up like I can the Dior.

The Verdict
Overall, I dont think the WF is BETTER than Dior, but I am totally shocked when I say it is AS good!!! And as long as I add it in on other orders I make, it will BE MUCH MUCH cheaper. Will I always have a bottle of Dior on hand? YES! Will I make sure to order Wicked Fast EVERYTIME I order from cult nails - ALSO YES!


  1. Thanks for this review! I usually avoid quick drying top coats because of shrinkage.

  2. I definitly found NO shrinkage with either one of these! Seche Vite I DO get shrinkage. I had pretty much gone through all the fast dry top coats and Dior was previously the only one that passed the test. Until NOW! I truly never thought I would like this one. I should have trusted Maria in the first place! Lesson learned!!

  3. i have also had terrific luck with WF so far, it's pretty amaze-a-balls. i've never tried the dior tc but i might now :) thanks for the review.

    also, i effing love your header.



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