Saturday, November 19, 2011

Face Stockholm Nail Enamel in 104

I would like to present you all with a brand that is totally new to ME. Not sure if it is to you or not! I had never even heard of the brand until my mom came home from a hair appointment and asked me if I knew if they carried Lipmmann and Face Stockholm. Face WHAT???? Off to the website I ran, followed shortly by a trip down to this trendy hair salon to scope them out! They retail for 12.00 and there were quite a few that caught my eye, but unfortunately they were sold out of all the colours I liked besides this one. They told me they do not get shipments very often but they will call me when they get them restocked.

Now this is yet another in the growing list of brands that has the obnoxious habit of using only numbers to differentiate between the polishes. To all you companies out there - WE WANT NAMES!!! 

104 is a gorgeous opaque teal crème. It is smooth and application was easy. The swatches are with two coats, which are certainly needed with this polish.


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